Internal audit of Minneapolis rape kit backlog highlights testing concerns

We need the BCA to be responsive to some of these kits," said audit committee Enter Article DATE HERE Updated: February 03, 2020 10:10 PM A new audit shows dozens of rape kits on the shelves of the Minneapolis Police Department have gone untested, even months after a backlog was first announced. Over the last two months, MPD said it had sent m...

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New Law Still Leaves Thousands of Rape Kits Untested

According to the Office of the Attorney General, there are over 6,000 untested sexual assault evidence kits in Maryland. January 20, 2020 A law requiring law enforcement agencies to submit qualified rape kits for testing within 30 days of receipt will become effective in January 2020, but it does not address the thousands of untested kits currently...

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SDPD Crime Lab Manager Is Officially Out Following Rape Kit Testing Scandal

After arguing for years that there was no value in testing the roughly 2,000 untested rape kits in its possession, SDPD eventually began testing certain kits due to pressure from elected decision-makers. January 7, 2020 The longtime manager of the San Diego Police Department's crime lab no longer works for the department. Her departure is the lates...

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Trump signs bill to help eliminate backlog in rape kit testing

More than 100,000 rape kits remain untested. January 1, 2020 President Donald Trump has signed into law legislation that provides funding to help states eliminate backlogs in rape kit testing. The measure, signed Monday, will help deal with the more than 100,000 rape kits across the country that remain untested. Advocates say that, without proper f...

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Open Forum: California can end its rape kit backlog

One of the many bills Gov. Gavin Newsom must soon decide to either pass or veto is SB22, which requires counties to submit rape kits to laboratories within 20 days and test them no later than 120 days after collection Octobert 5, 2019 It takes great courage to undergo a forensic rape examination. When a sexual assault survivor is escorted into that...

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Audit: New Jersey Police Agencies Need Uniform Policies For Rape Kits

"The lack of policies and procedures, or the reliance on informal policies and procedures, can lead to inconsistent sexual assault investigations among various (law-enforcement agencies)," the report states. July 12, 2019 No backlog, but questions persist about why results of some exams were never processed at state forensic labs New Jersey does no...

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Police, DA’s office react to new law targeting rape kit backlog

At that time, we submitted about 724 SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners) kits," Breedlove told KRIS 6 News. "All but about two hundred of those kits have been analyzed by DPS." June 08, 2019 Thousands of rape kits across Texas, including some that have been sitting on shelves for years, remain untested. Thanks to a new law recently signed by Gove...

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Rape Kit Tests: New York, feds join to get 100,000 sexual assault cases sent for DNA testing around US

"That backlog not only undermined justice and the perception, and reality, of equality - it also made every woman and every American less safe," he said. March 13, 2109 NEW YORK -- Languishing evidence in over 100,000 sexual assault cases around the country has been sent for DNA testing with money from a New York prosecutor and federal authorities,...

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Audit: Oregon crime lab shakeup over rape kit testing reduces backlog

Oregon State Police's crime lab is making a significant dent — with 1,100 kits in the backlog compared to 4,900 kits in 2015. Enter Article DATE HERE wo years after passing a law requiring Oregon crime labs to process the state's growing rape-kit backlog, a Secretary of State audit found Oregon State Police's crime lab is making a significant ...

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Plaintiffs suing Memphis for untested rape kits hope to be considered ‘class action

Among other benefits, it would allow them to be awarded up to $10 million in damages rather than $700,000. May 10, 2018 MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Rape victims are still waiting to get justice as the lawsuit against the City of Memphis for the thousands of untested rape kits moves forward. Valencia Woodin is one of those victims. She was raped at a hotel fiv...

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Rape kit backlog blamed in second assault in Tumwater

Washington state's rape kit backlog has advocates worried how many sexual offenders are still out on the streets. Enter Article DATE HERE A sexual assault case in Tumwater provides a glaring example of how Washington state's rape kit backlog is still having serious and devastating consequences. Tumwater police have linked 35-year-old suspect L...

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Efforts to clear California’s rape kit testing backlog fall short

California doesn't know how many rape kits are on the shelves," said Assemblyman David Chiu, D-San Francisco. Enter Article DATE HERE The case of an Antioch man accused of murder who evaded capture while a rape kit implicating him years earlier sat on a shelf has caught the attention of lawmakers and activists. But chances are, he's not the on...

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Audit shows North Carolina has 15K untested sexual assault kits

A new state law required all law enforcement agencies to report their numbers of untested rape kits to the State Crime Lab earlier this year, and 92 percent of the 563 agencies responded. March 1, 2018 RALEIGH — North Carolina has more than 15,000 untested sexual assault kits, a backlog that national advocacy group described as "significant." Attor...

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Formerly disgraced DC crime lab eliminates rape kit backlog

The Department of Forensic Science is back up to speed and unlike other cities its size, D.C. has no rape kit backlog, officials say. January 2, 2018 WASHINGTON — Three years after D.C.'s DNA lab lost its accreditation, the city is touting a total turnaround. The Department of Forensic Science is back up to speed and unlike other cities its size, D...

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PPB making progress in testing rape kit backlog; developing way to track kits electronically

The Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Summit of Cities Conference was held in Portland for the first time, in October. Enter Article DATE HERE PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The Portland Police Bureau says it's making huge strides in testing the city's rape kit backlog. Growth the bureau discussed at a sexual assault conference in Portland. The Sexual Assa...

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Suspect arrested in nearly 20-year-old rape case

At one point last year, there were more than 13,000 untested rape kits in Florida. October 10, 2017 Cornelious Florman, 51, was arrested in Virginia for an almost 20-year-old rape case on Fort Myers Beach on Tuesday. The NBC2 Investigators have been following his story since learning his DNA was linked to the crime. Florman is already a convicted r...

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This State Assembly Bill Could Help End California's Notorious Rape Kit Backlog

Assembly Bill 41, which seeks to determine exactly how much of the nation's notorious rape-kit backlog is centered in California, May 26, 2017 A bill to end the backlog of untested rape kits in California, introduced in March by San Francisco Assemblyman David Chiu, is heading to the state Senate. Assembly Bill 41, which seeks to determine exactly ...

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