Former Chief gets 10 days in jail!

Former Nyssa chief convicted of misconduct, sentenced to jail, loses badge April 3rd, 2024 Ray Rau, Tillamook police chief and former chief in Nyssa, was convicted of official misconduct Wednesday for tampering with evidence. He was sentenced to 10 days in jail and must give up his certification as a law enforcement officer that he has held since 1...

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Texas seized enough fentanyl to kill 200 million people this year alone, officials say

According to new data provided by the Texas DPS on Thursday, Operation Lone Star has seized 160 pounds of fentanyl within its targeted area.  December 10, 2021 The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) announced Thursday that in this year alone they have seized enough fentanyl crossing the border to kill 200 million people. The drug seizures...

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Sheriff's No. 2 Apologizes For, But Doesn't Disavow, Viral Fentanyl Video

Video has been widely discredited by public health experts, toxicologists and doctors who said the widespread hysteria over handling fentanyl harmed the ability of police and first responders to treat people who do overdose. October 25, 2021 Undersheriff Kelly Martinez, the second in command at the San Diego County Sheriff's department, said she wa...

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Video of Officer’s Collapse After Handling Powder Draws Skepticism

Medical experts said the video promoted a false narrative and confusion about fentanyl and ways it can lead to an overdose. August 7, 2021 Update: The San Diego sheriff released new details about the video of a deputy's collapse. A dramatic video posted by the San Diego County Sheriff's Department that shows a trainee collapsing while investigating...

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Meth contamination found in Washington State Patrol crime labs

Thousands of cases may be affected by problems at Seattle facility August 6, 2021 SEATTLE — Behind the locked doors of a third-floor office in South Seattle, countertop instruments filled with dozens of tiny vials feed data to nearby monitors while performing scores of tests each day in pursuit of justice. The Washington State Patrol Toxicology Lab...

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Photo from DEA led bust in Whatcom County shows danger of touching fake opiod pills laced with Fentanyl

No agents were injured as they wear Personal Protective Equipment that includes masks and gloves. May 30, 2020 SEATTLE – A five-month investigation into a scheme to sell fentanyl-tainted counterfeit opiod pills with M-30 markings has led to the arrest of two men from Bellingham. U.S. Attorney Brian T. Moran announced the arrest of 38-year-old Troy ...

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Orange police cruiser contaminated with fentanyl

  Police Department paid for a bio-hazard remediation team from Trauma Services LLC, based in Mansfield, to decontaminate the vehicle, due to the substance's extreme potency. January 28, 2020 ORANGE — A police cruiser was contaminated with fentanyl following an arrest in Orange. A person arrested Monday tried to conceal fentanyl, which ended u...

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Alleged drug dealer throws loose fentanyl powder at cop’s face

"The officer exhibited fentanyl-related symptoms, including nausea and shortness of breath and was treated by emergency responders," December 15 An alleged narcotics dealer tossed a handful of deadly fentanyl powder at a cop investigating a Bronx drug packaging mill, authorities said Thursday. Members of the New York Organized Crime Drug Enforcemen...

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Border protection stored enough fentanyl to kill 794 million, but isn’t doing enough to protect its agents

CBP said it has trained more than 4,500 officers in how to recognize the signs of an overdose, deployed 3,300 dual-use Narcan kits in the field and outfitted its storage vaults with safety equipment such as gloves, masks and Tyvek suits. July 20, 2019 (NEW YORK) — U.S. Customs and Border Protection has stored enough fentanyl in the past year to kil...

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Final firefighter exposed to fentanyl released from hospital

During treatment, the fire crew became exposed to a powdered substance and had to be transported to the hospital for examination. July 1, 2019 The Cape Coral firefighters who were exposed to fentanyl on Tuesday were cleared to return to work. The incident happened on Tuesday, when four Cape Coral firefighters were exposed to lethal opioid, fentanyl...

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Detective hospitalized after possible exposure to fentanyl

The detective was transported to an area hospital and is expected to recover. May 16, 2019 PETERSBURG, Va. -- A Petersburg detective has been hospitalized following a possible exposure to fentanyl during a narcotics arrest, While executing an arrest in the 700 block of Kirkham street, a Narcotics Detective collecting evidence was possibly exposed t...

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Deputy revived by Narcan after exposure to fentanyl

Florida sheriff deputy revived with Narcan, 3 others recovering after exposure to drugs May 8, 2019 A traffic stop in Florida came close to being deadly. A Florida sheriff's deputy was revived with Narcan and at least one firefighter was given the overdose reversal drug on Tuesday after exposure to what officials believe to be fentanyl during a tra...

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County officers hospitalized after exposure to fentanyl during traffic stop in Brentwood

"One of the officers started having numbness and tingling in his hand and mild dizziness and feeling lightheaded," Kurten said. January 10, 2019 UPDATED at 4 p.m. with new information, including results of tests showing substance was fentanyl. BRENTWOOD • Two St. Louis County police officers were taken to a hospital after being exposed Tuesday to f...

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Fentanyl worries have police changing the way they handle, test for illicit drugs

In less than a minute, the device, which is about the size of a Nintendo Game Boy, identified the white powder, flashing the word "methamphetamine" on its small screen. October 7, 2018 Wearing gloves and working under a hood that vents fumes from the evidence room, La Mesa police Sgt. Katy Lynch pushed a button on the scanner in her hand and shined...

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Fentanyl laced flyer: A Texas deputy touched a piece of paper and ended up in the hospital

The sergeant found a flyer on her windshield, removed it and soon began feeling light-headed June 26, 2018 A Texas deputy was treated at a hospital and then released on Tuesday after she touched a flyer suspected of being laced with fentanyl, a potent and potentially deadly opioid. The sergeant found a flyer on her windshield, removed it and soon b...

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Fentanyl Bust In Nebraska Seizes 118 Pounds Of Opioid Drug Enough To Kill 26 Million People

The Nebraska State Patrol made a history-making drug bust as it seized 118 pounds of the opiate drug fentanyl last month. Enter Article DATE HERE Largest Fentanyl Seizure In Nebraska The bust is the largest fentanyl seizure in the history of Nebraska and among the largest in the United States. The drugs were seized during a routine traffic sto...

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The Hard-to-Trace Ingredient Behind Skyrocketing Cocaine Deaths

Often laced into popular illicit drugs, synthetic opioids are killing more people than heroin or OxyContin. May 2, 2018 In the United States, more people are dying because of synthetic drugs like fentanyl than because of heroin or prescribed painkillers. While, to many, the opioid crisis has been synonymous with heroin and prescription pills, a rep...

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Cops: Truck carrying Starbucks' products in Washington state had 126 pounds of meth

The search turned up 40 bundles of meth in a television box on the top bunk of the sleeper berth and 50 bundles on the lower mattress. April 28, 2018 CENTRALIA, Wash. (KOMO) -- Authorities in Lewis County say a search of a truck carrying Starbucks' products to Spokane this week turned up 126 pounds of methamphetamine and other drugs. Two people, th...

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33 pounds of fentanyl is seized in Boston - enough to wipe out all of Massachusetts - as drugs ring with direct links to Mexico's Sinaloa cartel is disrupted

Prosecutors said the synthetic opioid was being sold on the street by a drug gang with links to Mexico's notorious Sinaloa Cartel, the drug organization once led by Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán February 9, 2018 Authorities in Boston have seized more than 33 pounds of fentanyl - enough to kill millions of people - in connection with one of Massachusett...

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$10M worth of fentanyl found stuffed in fish fillets

Several slabs of fish weren't enough to keep New York City detectives from finding several kilos of the deadly drug fentanyl February 10 ,2108 NEW YORK — Several slabs of fish weren't enough to keep New York City detectives from finding several kilos of the deadly drug fentanyl. Officers tailed Johnny De Los Santos-Martinez, 35, to Leland Avenue an...

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Fentanyl banned from courtrooms

Fentanyl and carfentanil will be banned from Bay State courtrooms beginning next week because trial court officials fear the potentially deadly risk of handling the potent and toxic opioids. January 4, 2018 Fentanyl and carfentanil will be banned from Bay State courtrooms beginning next week because trial court officials fear the potentially deadly...

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3 Baltimore County Officers Recovering After Fentanyl Exposure

Police say it took about 12 hours to decontaminate the station Enter Article DATE HERE Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid that is similar to morphine but is 50 to 100 times more potent. The incident started with a traffic stop, during which narcotics were recovered. The arresting officer and another officer started to become ill after loc...

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Even deadlier form of fentanyl reaches San Diego County

Carfentanil is 100 times stronger than the synthetic opioid fentanyl and is typically used to sedate massive animals like elephants October 6, 2017 Imagine a substance so potent that a few specks — the size of a few granules of table salt — can kill you. If you didn't think the stakes could get any deadlier in the emerging fentanyl crisis, it has. ...

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Hazmat cleaning crew offers glimpse inside former fentanyl lab in Sturgeon County

Edmonton police announced they had made the largest fentanyl pill seizure in Canadian history. September 29, 2017 Dean May, owner and president of Mayken Hazmat Solutions, said his Calgary-based hazardous cleaning and remediation company got the contract to clean up the house at 306-26023 Township Road 544 roughly three weeks ago. He and two other ...

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Insane amount of fentanyl seized in record-breaking bust

NYPD and DEA agents recovered 64 kilograms of the lethal drug from a residential  as part of a broader pair of stings that netted $30 million worth of narcotics. Enter Article DATE HERE Law enforcement agents seized a record haul of street-grade fentanyl from a Queens building — ​marking ​the largest ​such bust ​in New York City history, ...

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Fentanyl fears force policy change, testing backlog within Arizona DPS

"CAUTION! EVIDENCE CONTAINS FENTANYL or its ANALOG" September 12, 2017 A half-used sheet of fluorescent-yellow stickers at a workstation in the state's crime lab is an indicator of more than just the phrase stamped in bold, black letters: "CAUTION! EVIDENCE CONTAINS FENTANYL or its ANALOG" It's proof of an ever-intensifying and dangerous national i...

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Man brought enough fentanyl to kill 5 million people into U.S., cops say

Boardley was arrested in March after an investigation by the new Jersey State Police Trafficking South Unit and ICE Homeland Security Investigations Cherry Hill Office found the drug was being shipped to multiple addresses in the city, Porrino said. After search warrants were issued and the drugs were found Boardley was arrested at his home, Porrin...

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Ohio first responders told OxiClean will clean up Fentanyl spills

A well-known household product figures prominently in new instructions given to Ohio's first responders on ways to avoid contact with the powerful and sometimes deadly opiate Fentanyl. August 17, 2017 COLUMBUS, Ohio - A well-known household product figures prominently in new instructions given to Ohio's first responders on ways to avoid contact wit...

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Madison police change protocol to deal with fentanyl

Officers are now required to wear protective gloves, eye protection and masks when handling suspected drugs. Enter Article DATE HERE MADISON, Wis. - The Madison Police Department has changed the protocol used for dealing with suspected drugs being processed into evidence. The change is being made to improve officer safety and prevent exposure ...

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18 SWAT officers hospitalized after possible exposure to fentanyl during raid

Eighteen SWAT officers were taken to UPMC Mercy Hospital after the exposure caused them to become dizzy and suffer numbness August 9, 2017 More than a dozen SWAT team officers were hospitalized Wednesday after agents raided a home in the West End, CBS Pittsburgh reports. Around 6 a.m., several agencies began executing federal search warrants at thr...

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Police dogs face new dangers from fentanyl

Many local K-9 handlers have begun updating emergency plans and carrying naloxone, the overdose reversal drug commonly known as Narcan, specifically for their dogs. August 9, 2017 WOODLAND PARK, N.J. — Every shift holds a different danger for Odin, a 6-year-old drug-sniffing German shepherd with the Bergen County Sheriff's Office. Sometimes the dan...

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Even secondhand exposure to fentanyl is dangerous

Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic drug that's not only dangerous to the user, but for everyone nearby, including first responders. August 5, 2017 (WWLP) – Saturday, three police officers in the Boston suburb of Chelsea were affected by second hand exposure to Fentanyl. Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic drug that's not only dangerous to the user, but ...

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Toronto Fentanyl Overdose Deaths Lead To Public Safety Alert

More than 20 reported overdoses were recorded between Thursday and Sunday in the city, and four of them were fatal. July 31, 2017 TORONTO — A rash of drug overdose deaths in Toronto was called unusual by police on the weekend and it generated the kind of publicity all too familiar to residents in Vancouver, which has been grappling with a crisis fo...

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Historic fentanyl seizure in Edmonton ‘complex’, drug operation ‘innovative’: Police

Enter Headline here July 28, 2017 Edmonton police said they have made the largest fentanyl pill seizure in Canadian history and have dismantled a drug lab in the process. Police said they started a drug trafficking investigation in March. On July 5, the Edmonton Drug and Gang Enforcement Unit conducted a search warrant on a house in Edmonton, where...

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To cut risk of exposure to fentanyl, police can now test substances at state Crime Lab

he state Crime Lab will open its doors to police officers in need of safe facilities to test unidentified powders due to the rising risk of fentanyl exposure. July 20, 2017 The state Crime Lab will open its doors to police officers in need of safe facilities to test unidentified powders due to the rising risk of fentanyl exposure. Nationally, sever...

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Cleveland officer's possible fentanyl exposure highlights drug's threat to police, children

A Cleveland police officer was hospitalized Wednesday morning after coming into contact with suspected fentanyl while executing a search warrant at a home in the city's North Colinwood neighborhood. July 19, 2107 CLEVELAND, Ohio -- As heroin and fentanyl continue to kill users in record numbers, law enforcement officials in Northeast Ohio are now w...

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The cop who said he Od'd by touching fentanyl is probably wrong

The CDC and NIOSH updated the fentanyl page on their website to remove the statement "skin absorption can be deadly." It now says that "while dermal absorption of fentanyl commonly occurs through prescribed use of the drug, inhalation of powder is the most likely exposure route for illicitly manufactured fentanyl." July 14, 2017 You may have h...

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Deadly Fentanyl Disguised As Prescription Pills

An autopsy revealed the victim, not identified by authorities, overdosed on drugs including fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine. Enter Article DATE HERE When a Hamden man texted his dealer for four 30-milligram oxycodone in March, he may not have known what he was actually buying. It wasn't until after ...

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Orwell police officer given Narcan for possible overdose after being exposed to unknown substance

Orwell police officer was given Narcan after coming in contact with an unknown substance while on patrol. July 3, 2017 ORWELL, Ohio - Orwell police officer was given Narcan after coming in contact with an unknown substance while on patrol. An officer from the Orwell Police Department was following up on a property complaint when the officer was exp...

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What is fentanyl? 10 things to know about the potentially deadly drug

According to the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, strains of fentanyl can be 50 times more powerful than morphine. June 28, 2017 What is fentanyl? Fentanyl, also known as Actiq, Duragesic or Sublimaze in its prescription form, is an especially potent painkiller developed in the 1960s used to treat extreme pain. According to...

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Fostoria cop treated after exposure to fentanyl drug

According to the Drug Enforcement Agency, fentanyl is 30 to 50 times more potent than heroin and 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine. The drug can potentially be lethal, even in small amounts. June 23, 2017 FOSTORIA — A Fostoria police officer who was accidentally exposed to the opioid fentanyl during an arrest Thursday afternoon is recover...

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Fentanyl so potent it puts VT police at risk of accidental overdose

A drug 40 to 50 times more potent than pure heroin may be the future of the state's opiate problem Enter Article DATE HERE June 14, 2017 Fentanyl, which is about 40 times more potent than pure heroin, has prompted the Vermont State Police to create special labs to protect officers while testing possible drugs. A drug 40 to 50 times more potent...

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New drug kits save police dogs from opioid overdoses

inhaling powerful opioids can be deadly, so officers have a new tool to protect their four-legged partners: naloxone, a drug that has already been used for years to reverse overdoses in humans. June 7, 2017 BOSTON — Police dogs simply follow their noses to sniff out narcotics. But inhaling powerful opioids can be deadly, so officers have a new tool...

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Police alerted to spread of deadly threat of synthetic drug fentanyl

Federal officials issued an urgent warning Tuesday to local police across the country to take added precautions in their contacts with addicts and dealers suspected of carrying the quick acting, deadly drug fentanyl. June 6, 2017 WASHINGTON – Federal officials issued an urgent warning Tuesday to local police across the country to take added precaut...

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Kansas investigator overcome by drug in evidence room

The department says it's unclear what the substance is and that it's being tested. But the federal Drug Enforcement Administration has warned law enforcement agencies about fentanyl, a synthetic opioid said to be 50 times more powerful than heroin. July 13, 2016, WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — Authorities say a Wichita, Kansas-area sheriff's investigator was...

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DEA to cops: Fentanyl can kill you too

Police warned nationwide of fentanyl poisoning after two N.J. detectives inhaled a small amount. June 16, 2016 He and his partner were overcome by the effects of the opioid, which is often prescribed to alleviate end-of-life or cancer pain. "I thought that was it. I thought I was dying," the other detective said. "It felt like my body was shutting ...

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