Property Roomcom LogoTake Control Of Your Evidence Room... offers great deals with a twist. We work with over 3,000 law enforcement agencies and municipalities nationwide to help auction their seized, stolen, abandoned and surplus goods. Yup, you heard that right. Seized, stolen, abandoned and surplus goods.


By statute, law enforcement agencies must auction seized, found, and unclaimed personal property at public auction. This was usually done in the parking lot of the local police station. But back in 1999 a former police detective said “Why can’t we do this online?” And was born.

We created a solution for law enforcement agencies nationwide. We pick-up all those seized, stolen, abandoned and surplus goods out of their Property Room, open up their public auctions nationwide and send back proceeds to the local communities. That’s also where we got our name – the Property & Evidence Room is where all these goods are stored at your local law enforcement agencies. We just shortened it to just


After a while municipal agencies wanted to take advantage of our services so we opened the online auction services and platforms up to fire departments, airports, fleets and parks departments. Lost and found items that are never claimed may just end up for auction right here. Going once, going twice…they could be yours.


Several years later, liquidators and wholesale merchants reached out to us interested in utilizing our online auction services and platform as a way to liquidate their goods. As one of our goals is to provide great deals to our shoppers we started allowing a few, hand-selected and Trusted ShopKeepers to sell on our site. Now we have even more quality goods from store close-outs or overstock products up for auction.


From our early days as an online police auction site, there was one piece of property & evidence that we did not touch – firearms. However, recently for many states and jurisdictions it has become a requirement, and even mandated, for law enforcement agencies to auction off their seized, forfeited and unclaimed firearms just as they do with other parts of the property and evidence room.

In early 2015, we made the decision to help our clients auction this piece of property & evidence through innovative solutions that not only fulfills this requirement for many agencies, but also supports public safety as in many jurisdictions the proceeds from these auctions can be used to purchase products like wearable body cameras, tactical gear and more.

But there is a twist - NO firearms will be auctioned on Instead they are offered for auction through Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) partner on their auction website, a division of Partnering with an organization like who has over 40 years’ experience in the firearms industry and has sold and shipped over 1 million firearms, ensures that firearms sold will be transferred from FFL to FFL and all legal requirements, including background checks before release, will be completed to the letter of the law.


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Colvin Packaging Products CP Products is a manufacturer of quality evidence storage boxes. Phone: 714-630-3850

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Property Surplus property disposal online. Phone: 800-799-2440 ext.1009

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