Length of Slisz investigation "puzzling," legal expert says

Nearly 11 months after he was accused of breaking into the evidence locker and overdosing inside the police department he worked for, former Johnstown Police Officer William Slisz has not been charged with a crime, and there is no timeline of when the investigation might be completed. August 18, 2018 JOHNSTOWN — Nearly 11 months after he was accuse...
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Confiscated Guns Must Be Sold, Not Destroyed, Rules Arizona Supreme Court

The court said the local ordinance runs afoul of several state laws. August 18, 2017 The Arizona Supreme Court ruled the city of Tucson can no longer destroy firearms that have been confiscated by police or turned in by citizens. In an extensive ruling issued Thursday, the justices voided a 2005 Tucson ordinance that says the Police Department, aft...
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West Springfield Police Capt. Daniel Spaulding on paid leave amid evidence room probe

The approximately $18,000, sources agreed, remained unaccounted for from three separate drug cases. August 18, 2017 WEST SPRINGFIELD - The mayor and police chief today confirmed that the second highest-ranking official in the police department has been placed on indefinite paid administrative leave amid an investigation into "discrepancies" involvi...
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Former Sheriff’s deputy accused of drug evidence theft indicted

Goettel is believed to have taken oxycodone and morphine, in solid and liquid form, from the evidence locker in the sheriff's office for his "own use" Aug 16, 2017 A jury has formally indicted a former Cherokee County Sheriff's deputy for allegedly stealing narcotics from the evidence room he was in charge of. Jeffrey Lee Goettel, 42, of Jasper was...
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Hurricane officer charged with felony in evidence handling case

Allegations the evidence officer delivered department evidence items, which are classified as public property, to a company owned by a family member so she could sell them on eBay. August 17, 2017 A Hurricane Police evidence control officer is facing a felony charge of misusing public money following allegations he allowed some evidence in the depa...
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Ohio first responders told OxiClean will clean up Fentanyl spills

A well-known household product figures prominently in new instructions given to Ohio's first responders on ways to avoid contact with the powerful and sometimes deadly opiate Fentanyl. August 17, 2017 COLUMBUS, Ohio - A well-known household product figures prominently in new instructions given to Ohio's first responders on ways to avoid contact wit...
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Need, opportunity focus of first day of MSP embezzlement trial

The case has been a huge embarrassment to the Michigan State Police because money was taken from the Cadillac Post's property room and he will show the post was unsecured, which gave people who shouldn't have the opportunity to be in the property room a chance to enter it. August 17, 2017 CADILLAC — The embezzlement case against retired Michigan St...
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LIMS Administrator/Evidence Coordinator - Fort Pierce, Florida

Salary:  $40,000 - $50,000 (annual) + (dependent on credentials) Job Requirements: A successful candidate must possess exceptional organizational skills and have a demonstrated initiative in learning and utilizing new technologies. In addition, the candidate must have or be able to achieve the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform al...
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