Billings Police evidence tech fired after stealing oxycodone, which affected at least 138 cases

It is the second time in roughly three years drug cases have been affected by BPD evidence technicians stealing drugs. Enter Article DATE HERE A Billings Police Department employee was fired earlier this month after stealing prescription painkillers from the evidence locker, police said Tuesday. The revelation throws into question hundreds of ...
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Medical examiner taps DNA science to find missing persons

February 18, 2018 NEW YORK — For families who have searched years for missing loved ones, donating a sample of their DNA is often a last, desperate act to confirm their worst fears. New York City's medical examiner is leading a nationwide effort to collect genetic material and match it with unidentified human remains. It's a way to finally give fam...
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Man at center of alleged Selma gun mill pleads guilty

Adrianne Canterbury, who goes by Michelle, was accused of taking guns and jewelry out of the Selma Police Department evidence vault, the secure area where she worked. Richard Canterbury would then fix the guns so they could then be sold online. February 18, 2018 SELMA, AL (WSFA) - Richard Canterbury, one of three people accused of taking part in an...
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Murder charges filed in 30-year-old cold case after Wonder Lake woman's body exhumed (DNA)

In more recent years, investigators were able to rely on DNA evidence to cast a new light on circumstances surrounding Lori Bringe's death. Enter Article DATE HERE WONDER LAKE – First-degree murder charges were filed Monday in a 30-year-old cold case that led investigators to exhume the body of a Wonder Lake woman. Arizona police arrested Mark...
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Broken Arrow detective submits resignation amid allegations of mishandling evidence in Bever case

Wood told the World last week that Adcock collected a series of items from a local auction house, primarily electronics, that had been in the Bever home and deposited them in a locker with the intent to take them to the department's property room later but forgot to do so Enter Article DATE HERE Gayla Adcock had been scheduled for a hearing th...
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Lawrence civilian property room clerk had BAC of .22 while on the job, according to police chief

A civilian employee of the Lawrence Police Department is out of a job after being accused of being drunk on the job. Enter Article DATE HERE LAWRENCE, Ind. -- A civilian employee of the Lawrence Police Department is out of a job after being accused of being drunk on the job. The woman was the clerk of the police property room which is where ev...
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Former police chief files lawsuit against town of Atlantic Beach

"During that investigation, Defendant's (Town of Atlantic Beach) agents, officers and/or employees alleged that $650.00 was missing from the evidence room February 16, 2018 ATLANTIC BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The former police chief of Atlantic Beach has filed a lawsuit against the town stating his termination was due to false allegations of theft. Accordi...
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Ex-police corporal gets 3 months in prison for $22K theft

A former Harrisburg police official will serve three months in prison for stealing more than $22,000 from an evidence locker. Enter Article DATE HERE HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A former Harrisburg police official will serve three months in prison for stealing more than $22,000 from an evidence locker. Sean D. Cornick was sentenced Wednesday in f...
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