El Rio man pleads guilty to 1991 cold case murder - DNA

Fisher's case remained unsolved until the Ventura County sheriff's cold case homicide task force re-examined DNA evidence collected from the crime scene. A check with the Combined DNA Index System, a databank that contains DNA profiles of people arrested across the United States, came up with a match in 2002, Spillner said. January 18, ...
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Rape Kit Backlog Testing to Finish This Year

More than 12,000 untested rape kits were discovered in evidence lockers and other places throughout the MPD in 2013. Some of the oldest kits dated back to 1976. January 17, 2017The final, untested rape kits from the city's backlog of more than 12,000 should be sent to labs for review in a few months, Memphis City Council members were to...
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Roane sheriff pleads guilty in meth theft, resigns

Williams had been charged with grand larceny, for stealing more than $1,000 in evidence, including methamphetamine. January 18, 2017Newly-elected Roane County Sheriff Matthew "Bo" Williams admitted in court Wednesday that he stole methamphetamine from an evidence locker at the Spencer Police Department while he was an officer there.&nbs...
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General assembly 2017 Bill seeks $1.45 million for man wrongly imprisoned 33 years for 1982 rape and murder - DNA

Keith Allen Harward, 60, was exonerated by the Virginia Supreme Court in April after DNA testing not only excluded him of the savage beating death of a Newport News man and the rape of his wife in the couple's home, but also implicated the real killer. January 16, 2017Bills pending in the General Assembly would award $1.45 million in co...
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CONTACT 13: Processing sex assault test kits delayed

The AG says about 1,700 kits are on the way to be tested JANUARY 17, 2017LAS VEGAS (KTNV) - A backlog in processing sexual assault test kits was a hot topic in the last election cycle. So what's the status now? Nevada had about 8,000 untested sexual assault kits sitting on the shelf last year. Now, the out-of-state lab we're using ...
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2006 murder evidence found in Fremont County Sheriff's Office storage unit

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Sexual assault case resurfaces after 19 years; defendant, just released from mental hospital, claims innocence

The attacker also left a cigarette butt at the victim's house, according to police reports filed after the incident. With new techniques allowing crime labs to analyze trace amounts of saliva, Fleischaker had it tested and said the DNA does not match Wilkerson's. JANUARY 14, 2017Two decades ago, Mike A. Wilkerson was a familiar face in ...
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Was use of drug forfeiture money in Saginaw legal?

Garrett DeWyse was overseeing the evidence and property room and protested when he was ordered to remove $2,000 for the bag that was needed for a confidential informant drug buy. January 13, 2017More than $22,000 was taken from a man by a sheriff's deputy, and then that money was used by the sheriff's department for confidential informa...
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