Sex-crime evidence ignored? Several hundred Charleston-area kits remain untested

Several states have passed legislation requiring that every kit that was part of a criminal complaint be tested for DNA evidence. South Carolina lacks such a law, leaving it up to individual law enforcement agencies to decide whether testing is worth the time and expense.  August 20, 2016he number is actually higher, since some of...
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State auditor: Policy problems, officers’ decisions slow rape kit tests

In the audit, Keller said, his staff found 80 different policies and procedures on sexual assault investigations in the state's 130 police agencies. August 19, 2016he New Mexican ALBUQUERQUE — State Auditor Tim Keller on Thursday told a panel of lawmakers that officers' discretion and the lack of structured policies on sexual assault in...
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Dickson inmates found drunk in cell

Officers quickly realized the inmates had gotten into one of the officer's lockers, taken a half-gallon of whiskey and drank it. August 17, 2016DICKSON, TN (WSMV) - Police are investigating after several Dickson County inmates were found drunk in their cells and one had to be taken to the hospital.Tuesday was court day for inmates in Di...
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Precinct 4 Constable blames missing drug evidence on human error

The Harris County District Attorney's Office has thrown out a drug case after an employee discarded crucial evidence. August 18, 2016HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The Harris County District Attorney's Office has thrown out a drug case after an employee discarded crucial evidence.David Bellamy, 40, was arrested in June 2015 on drug charges. This Apr...
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Springfield City Councilor Timothy Allen reviews city's cash controls, citing golf course raid and missing evidence room money

Kevin Burnham, a long-time Springfield police officer who oversaw the department's evidence room for nearly two decades, was charged in January with stealing over $385,000 in cash seized during drug investigations. August 16, 2016SPRINGFIELD -- City Councilor Timothy Allen held a review of the city's cash handling procedures Monday...
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DNA leads to arrest in 1980 murder, sexual assault, robbery - 40 years later!

Nearly 40 years after a man was shot to death and a woman sexual assaulted and robbed in Beaufort, the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office has arrested a suspect after DNA linked him to the crime. August 10, 2016Nearly 40 years after a man was shot to death and a woman sexual assaulted and robbed in Beaufort, the Beaufort County Sheriff's...
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Inslee endorses national rape kit reform effort

A national organization advocating for reforms in rape kit processing launched a campaign this week encouraging governors to publicly endorse and support efforts to eliminate backlogs and make rape kit testing a greater priority for law enforcement. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee is the first governor in the nation to endorse Test400k's call to action....
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Former Altavista police chief convicted on 15 felonies

He entered Alford pleas — maintaining his innocence while acknowledging prosecutors had enough evidence to convict him — on 11 counts of forging public documents, one count of embezzlement and two counts of obtaining drugs by fraud. Enter Article DATE HEREA former Altavista police chief was convicted Wednesday of 15 felonies after ...
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