Property and Evidence Technician - Windsor, Colorado

Salary:  Salary range $21.81 to $27.26 DOQE Job Requirements: Education & Experience Requirements (Minimum Qualifications) Must have a high school diploma or equivalent. College degree is desirable.  Minimum of six months of general office experience with emphasis on customer service, project coordination, and problem solving: to incl...
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Man, wrongly convicted of 1978 killings in Simi Valley, recommended for release from prison

New DNA evidence has cast doubt on the conviction of a man who has spent more than half his life in prison after being convicted in a 1978 Simi Valley double-homicide. November 20, 2017 New DNA evidence has cast doubt on the conviction of a man who has spent more than half his life in prison after being convicted in a 1978 Simi Valley double-h...
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Exclusive: Florida man being held in connection with 2 ‘cold case’ murders of young women in New York

Bodily fluids were recovered from the young victim, for a "John Doe" DNA profile. November 8, 2017 THE BRONX — Dora Delvalle Almontaser was just 19 years old, when her mother discovered the teen had been strangled with a phone cord in her family's Bronx apartment. Christopher Gonzalez The date was Dec. 2, 2000. Bodily fluids were recovered from the...
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Former State Patrol investigator accused of stealing prescription drugs, controlled substances

Court documents indicate that Kober had previously been assigned to pick up the drop-off boxes from drug take-back events. November 15, 2017 Former Nebraska State Patrol investigator Christopher G. Kober has been accused by federal prosecutors of stealing drugs while on the job and intending to distribute them to others. The Patrol fired Kober, 44,...
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Metro narcotics sergeant charged with pocketing $5,000 in sting set up by department

Authorities says he pocketed thousands of dollars in cash during a sting set up by the department. Enter Article DATE HERE A Metro Nashville Police Department sergeant was arrested Wednesday after authorities says he pocketed thousands of dollars in cash during a sting set up by the department. James Landon Dunaway, 42, a narcotics sergeant in...
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Mom dies cleaning up following son’s fatal overdose

Plummer became short of breath after cleaning up her son's overdose and was taken to Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center, which is where her son was rushed just a day earlier. He died one day after his mother. November 15, 2017 A Pennsylvania coroner believes that a 69-year-old woman who died earlier this month likely came into contact with a deadly ...
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Evidence audits show room for improvement in Greenwood, Laurens counties

SLED's investigators found some items had been destroyed, returned to people or sent to SLED from the evidence rooms, but the system had not been updated to show the items were gone, the report said November 13, 2017 Whenever a sheriff's office changes hands, it's customary to have the State Law Enforcement Division come in and inventory any eviden...
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Former chief of Colebrookdale Police appeals firing

Viola failed to follow police procedures when destroying 80 marijuana plants that had been seized as evidence in two cases November 12, 2017 Colebrookdale Township, PA When former Colebrookdale Police Chief David Viola was fired in May, township officials declined to give a reason for the 16-year police veteran's termination. The reason has come to...
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