Former Simpsonville police officer gets 12 years for P.D. robbery

March 6, 2017 Putnam, the Simpsonville Police officer arrested Jan. 7, 2016, in connection with the November 2015 robbery of thousands of dollars as well as guns and drugs from the Simpsonville Police Department, had pleaded guilty before Shelby Circuit Judge Charles Hickman in January. Putnam made an open plea, which left the sentence...
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Los Angeles man pleads no contest to 1985 murder (DNA)

The case remained unsolved for three decades until it was reopened in 2013 by then Oxnard Police Department Detective Mike Young, who was assigned to the Ventura County Sheriff's Cold Case Task Force. March 23, 2017A Los Angeles man facing criminal charges connected to the rape and murder of an Oxnard woman 30 years ...
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Administrative Assistant 4 – Evidence Tech – Las Vegas, NV

Salary: $36,540 - $53,431 AnnuallyJob Requirements:Education & Experience Requirements (Minimum Qualifications)Graduation from high school or equivalent education and four years of progressively responsible relevant work experience which included experience in one or more of the following areas: providing administrative/program suppor...
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Kentucky State Police Lab becoming training ground for other state labs because of low pay, lab director says

Analysts in Kentucky are now ranked as the lowest paid in the entire United States, and KSP Forensic Laboratory System Director Laura Sudkamp told Pure Politics she is the lowest paid director in the nation, "by a long shot." March 23, 2017Editor's note: This is part two in a two-part series on Kentucky's attempts to clear the backlog o...
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Former South Dakota trooper sentenced to 5 years in theft case

admitted to stealing money from evidence March 24, 2017A former South Dakota Highway Patrol trooper who admitted to stealing money from evidence while on the job has been sentenced to five years in the state penitentiary. In addition, 48-year-old Brian William Biehl received a $10,000 fine. Attorney General Marty Jackley announced ...
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A cop billed his department for overtime pay. He was actually watching child porn.

He was logging into a high-security evidence server to watch child pornography seized from other people. March 22, 2017For three decades, officer Craig Wattier rose through the ranks of his police department outside Toronto - progressing from tractor-trailer thefts to some of its worst investigations, such as sex crimes against children...
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New DNA testing leads to charges in 2005 Halifax homicide case

Halifax police say further evidence testing led to charges laid Thursday in the homicide of Naomi Kidston 12 years ago. March 23, 2017Halifax police say further evidence testing led to charges laid Thursday in the homicide of Naomi Kidston 12 years ago. Police said Donald Murray Peters, 50, was arrested without incident on Stanley ...
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Rape kits in Arizona must now be tested within 15 days of collection

"Until recently, the state didn't even know the number of untested rape kits in Arizona, which turned out to be in the thousands. Enter Article DATE HEREPHOENIX - Rape kits must be tested within 15 days of being collected, thanks to a new law just signed by Gov. Doug Ducey.The legislation establishes time limits, standards and repo...
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