Ex-deputy convicted of killing other officers dies in prison

Authorities said Elkins, Crow and an evidence technician surprised Hudson at the office where they went that evening because of previous thefts of drugs and guns from the facility. October 12, 2017 A former undercover narcotics officer serving life terms for killing two fellow law enforcement officers in Yuma 22 years ago has died in prison. The Ar...
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Fentanyl fears force policy change, testing backlog within Arizona DPS

"CAUTION! EVIDENCE CONTAINS FENTANYL or its ANALOG" September 12, 2017 A half-used sheet of fluorescent-yellow stickers at a workstation in the state's crime lab is an indicator of more than just the phrase stamped in bold, black letters: "CAUTION! EVIDENCE CONTAINS FENTANYL or its ANALOG" It's proof of an ever-intensifying and dangerous national i...
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Confiscated Guns Must Be Sold, Not Destroyed, Rules Arizona Supreme Court

The court said the local ordinance runs afoul of several state laws. August 18, 2017 The Arizona Supreme Court ruled the city of Tucson can no longer destroy firearms that have been confiscated by police or turned in by citizens. In an extensive ruling issued Thursday, the justices voided a 2005 Tucson ordinance that says the Police Department, aft...
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UPDATE: Investigation uncovers alleged gun ring involving former SPD evidence technician

Collier said the 200 plus missing guns were not noticed because the paper work was also allegedly stolen and destroyed. May 12, 2017 An investigation into a former evidence technician with the Selma Police Department has uncovered a criminal operation allegedly responsible for stealing and selling hundreds of stolen guns from evidence. Adrianne Mic...
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ONLY ON KOLD: Inside Tucson's crime vault

It is considered by the International Association For Property and Evidence to be the nation's best evidence and property storage facility and it's right here in Tucson. May 1, 2017 TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - It is considered by the International Association For Property and Evidence to be the nation's best evidence and property storage fa...
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Page PD Tests New Burn Barrel

This unit has the potential to save the police department thousands of dollars that would have been spent to dispose of this evidence using other methods. April 14, 2017 The Page Police Department tried out its new 'burn barrel' for the first time this week. The barrel is used to dispose of evidence and other property stored in our evidence room th...
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Rape kits in Arizona must now be tested within 15 days of collection

"Until recently, the state didn't even know the number of untested rape kits in Arizona, which turned out to be in the thousands. Enter Article DATE HERE PHOENIX - Rape kits must be tested within 15 days of being collected, thanks to a new law just signed by Gov. Doug Ducey. The legislation establishes time limits, standards and reporting requ...
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DNA evidence led to arrest in killing of 84-year-old man

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