West Midlands Police officer sacked over theft and drugs (Great Britain)

A police officer based in Wolverhampton has been sacked from the force after stealing drugs from an evidence room. July 8, 2016 Benjamin Hughes, formerly PC 20821 Hughes, had pleaded guilty to one count of theft by an employee and one of possession of a class 'B' controlled drug namely cannabis before magistrates in Coventry on June 16. He was dism...
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Police backtrack on statements that no cases have been affected

Police board questions why they were not told of missing evidence June 30, 2016 he Halifax Regional Police are double-checking that no cases were affected by the loss or theft of exhibits from the evidence vaults at police headquarters. Despite Supt. Jim Perrin's assertion last week during a news conference that he "would have heard" if missing evi...
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Halifax police ordered to disclose audits after evidence snafu

Senior officers with the Halifax Regional Police faced a rebuke Thursday afternoon over a lack of communication around a damning audit that found scores of drug and money exhibits couldn't be located in police vaults. Jun 30, 2016 Senior officers with the Halifax Regional Police faced a rebuke Thursday afternoon over a lack of communication ar...
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B.C. Mountie charged with theft after guns taken from evidence locker

The review found evidence that exhibits which were supposed to be destroyed may have been improperly processed or handled. June 14, 2016 LILLOOET, B.C. - A British Columbia Mountie has been charged with theft after guns and other items were allegedly taken from an evidence locker.  A statement from the RCMP says an internal audit and review of...
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Former Chilliwack RCMP exhibit custodian convicted of theft, breach of trust

The Province, theprovince.com
BYLINE: Paul J. Henderson, Chilliwack Times

Chilliwack, BC

Scales of Justice

Jaime Tiller wept openly before and after a BC Supreme Court jury declared her guilty of theft and breach of trust for stealing $2,800 from the Chilliwack RCMP exhibit room in 2011.

The nine women and three men of the jury deliberated for nearly two days before deciding on the guilty verdicts Friday morning.

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Gambling addict who stole $116,000 from Mission RCMP exhibits gets 18 months in jail

The Province, theprovince.com BYLINE: Jennifer Saltman, The Province, Link to Article District of Mission, BC FILE PHOTO: Former Mission RCMP exhibit custodian April Smith says she disgraced herself, her family and the officers and employees of the...
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Mission employee pleads guilty to breach of trust

Mission City Record, missioncityrecord.com BYLINE: Carol Aun - Mission City Record Mission, BC image credit: RCMP RCMP A former guard looking after the exhibit room at the Mission RCMP detachment has pleaded guilty to breach of trust in B.C. Supreme Court this week. The case...
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$116,000 stolen from police station

Mission City Record, missioncityrecord.com BYLINE: Carol Aun - Mission City Record Mission, BC image credit: Record file image A District of Mission employee was charged this week in connection with the disappearance of $116,000 from the Mission RCMP detachment's main exhibi...
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