DNA helps RPD make arrest in 30-year-old cold case murder

Richmond's deputy commonwealth's attorney says a Richmond detective ran Poortie's fingernail clippings that were collected after her murder for DNA. October 13,2017 RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond Police have arrested a man in connection with a murder that took place more than 30 years ago. The man was serving time in New Jersey for another crime w...
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The Benefit Of Bicycles

the department hopes to make the donation a recurring program in which bicycles collected as evidence get new life May 25, 2017 Rainy weather Wednesday didn't keep police away from the Lucy F. Simms Continuing Education Center to donate refurbished, used bicycles to teenagers in need. The recipients are members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Harr...
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General assembly 2017 Bill seeks $1.45 million for man wrongly imprisoned 33 years for 1982 rape and murder - DNA

Keith Allen Harward, 60, was exonerated by the Virginia Supreme Court in April after DNA testing not only excluded him of the savage beating death of a Newport News man and the rape of his wife in the couple's home, but also implicated the real killer. January 16, 2017 Bills pending in the General Assembly would award $1.45 million in compensation ...
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Ex-Sheriff Randy Fisher, son investigated

Fisher theorized the seized money, which was kept inside an evidence room safe in two separate packages, fell onto the floor and into a trash pile beneath the safe. October 25, 2016 STAUNTON - Former Augusta County Sheriff Randy Fisher and his son are under investigation by Virginia State Police and are suspected of illegally possess...
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DNA test solves 30-year-old cold case

Officials announced a 30-year-old cold case has been solved Wednesday when a DNA test identified human remains discovered by a fisherman decades ago. October 7, 2016 According to The Roanoke Times , authorities believe the boy drowned in May 1985 while fleeing a gas station in Covington that he or a friend may have firebombed. He was 17 years old a...
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Virginia Cop Charged with Embezzlement for Taking Rifle Bags from Evidence Room

According to wavy.com, a police source revealed that the 17-year veteran had been taking ammo,  holsters, and magazines in the past, but court documents actually lists two black gun bags, one green gun bag and one air soft clip from the green bag in the report about his current arrest. September 10,2016 A Virginia cop who m...
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Petersburg PD files $20K insurance claim after money 'stolen' from evidence room

Enter Headline here August 25th 2016 PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - NBC12 is uncovering new details concerning the missing money in the Petersburg Police evidence room. Through an open records request, we've uncovered an insurance claim filed by the Petersburg Police Department for $20,000. It was filed with VACorp Risk Management several weeks after we s...
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Former Altavista police chief convicted on 15 felonies

He entered Alford pleas — maintaining his innocence while acknowledging prosecutors had enough evidence to convict him — on 11 counts of forging public documents, one count of embezzlement and two counts of obtaining drugs by fraud. Enter Article DATE HERE A former Altavista police chief was convicted Wednesday of 15 felonies after a prosecuto...
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