Investigators: BLM agent took evidence, handed valuable stones out 'like candy'

The employee told investigators he had "bad feeling" about taking them from the evidence room, but followed instructions because Love was a law enforcement officer and "scary." August 24, 2017 SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Bureau of Land Management agent who has been scrutinized for past behavior took valuable stones held as evidence and handed them out ...
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Hurricane officer charged with felony in evidence handling case

Allegations the evidence officer delivered department evidence items, which are classified as public property, to a company owned by a family member so she could sell them on eBay. August 17, 2017 A Hurricane Police evidence control officer is facing a felony charge of misusing public money following allegations he allowed some evidence in the depa...
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Salt Lake City Police arrest suspect in 1991 murder cold case -DNA

Viengkeo K. Sundara, 49, faces a first-degree felony charge of murder for the stabbing death of Youthalouth Oudanonh during a dance at 120 W 1300 S in Salt Lake City back in 1991. July 10 , 2017 SALT LAKE CITY – Police have arrested a man in a Salt Lake City murder case that has been cold for 26 years. Viengkeo K. Sundara, 49, faces a first-degree ...
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Rape kit law speeds up testing process

Gov. Gary Herbert signed House Bill 200 on March 22, which now requires local law enforcement agencies to submit sexual assault kits to state forensic labs for testing within 30 days of retrieval. March 29, 2017 Some advocates for sexual assault victims are praising Utah's new legislation regarding the processing of rape kits. Gov. Gary Herber...
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DNA evidence led to arrest in killing of 84-year-old man

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Bad Day at Red Rock

Davidson, however, was not leaving without a fight. On Dec. 13, 2016 she sent a letter to Moab's mayor Dave Sakrison notifying him and the city that she was suing them for close to $2 million for firing her because, she alleged, she had "raised her concerns to the Mayor and FBI about wrongful conduct by members of the City's Police Department," Jan...
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Former deputy sentenced on drug, tampering charges

Sun Advocate, BYLINE: C.J. McMANUS, Sun Advocate associate editor Carbon County, UT Former Carbon County Sheriff's Sgt. Christopher Howard Basso, 38, was sentenced on Monday to 30 days in jail and three years probation for pleading guilty to drug possession and tam...
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Ex-Carbon Deputy Gets Jail for Stealing Evidence

KUTV CBS 2, BYLINE: The Associated Press Carbon Co. UT PRICE, Utah (AP) — A former Carbon County sheriff's sergeant accused of taking drugs from the department's evidence room has been ordered to 30 days in jail. Christopher Howard Basso was also sentenced this week...
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