Rape kit law speeds up testing process

Gov. Gary Herbert signed House Bill 200 on March 22, which now requires local law enforcement agencies to submit sexual assault kits to state forensic labs for testing within 30 days of retrieval. March 29, 2017 Some advocates for sexual assault victims are praising Utah's new legislation regarding the processing of rape kits. Gov. Gary Herber...
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Thousands of sexual assault evidence kits across Minnesota sit untested

By Minnesota law, sexual assault survivors don't have to decide whether they want to go to police when they arrive at a hospital to be examined.The reasoning: It's hard enough to decide, in those traumatic hours, to even come in for an exam. February 18, 2017 By Minnesota law, sexual assault survivors don't have to decide whether they want to go to...
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Local police detective fired over handling of evidence

About 200 past and current cases could be affected, Mitchell said during a news conference Monday afternoon February 6, 2017 Temple police Detective Jason Jordan was suspended indefinitely Monday after an internal investigation that started in September into his processing, storage, documented return and release of evidence and recovered property i...
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CONTACT 13: Processing sex assault test kits delayed

The AG says about 1,700 kits are on the way to be tested JANUARY 17, 2017 LAS VEGAS (KTNV) - A backlog in processing sexual assault test kits was a hot topic in the last election cycle. So what's the status now? Nevada had about 8,000 untested sexual assault kits sitting on the shelf last year.  Now, the out-of-state lab we're using to help ca...
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Police chief not sure evidence is contaminated

The room, which is 14,000 square feet, is holding approximately 15,000 pieces of evidence, 46 percent of capacity, according to the Houston Police Department. October 20, 2016 HOUSTON - Interim Houston Police Chief Martha Montalvo could not provide a time estimate on Thursday of how long it would take to assess how much evidence was contaminated, i...
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Obama Just Signed a Bill of Rights for Sexual-Assault Survivors

Rape kits—more than 100,000 of them, as of 2014—have often languished for years in police warehouses and crime labs, going untested due to a lack of funds and, some argue, contempt for victims. October 7, 2016 President Barack Obama on Friday signed into law the Sexual Assault Survivors' Rights Act, a sweeping piece of legislation that guarantees s...
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