Ex-sheriff’s employee gets jail, probation for evidence theft

Sheriff's officials have said an investigation revealed the items taken were not items of evidence in any open criminal cases. June 20, 2017 Oroville >> A former Butte County Sheriff's Office evidence technician was ordered Tuesday to serve nearly a year in jail for stealing guns, drugs and money from the department's evidence facility. Butte...
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Feds seize nearly 100 pounds of fentanyl, deadly synthetic opiate, in unprecedented drug bust

44.14 kilograms — represents the largest fentanyl seizure sent to a DEA lab nationwide," the U.S. Attorney's Office said Monday June 20 , 2017 Federal authorities said Monday that a narcotics probe has resulted in the seizure of nearly 100 pounds of fentanyl, or enough of the drug to kill more than a million people. Drug Enforcement Administration ...
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Fitzgerald: The grand jury’s half-right report

The software vendor who computerizes inventory in the sheriff's evidence room alleged a year ago that 10,000 pieces of evidence are missing. June 16, 2017 The software vendor who computerizes inventory in the sheriff's evidence room alleged a year ago that 10,000 pieces of evidence are missing. A serious charge. The Goddess of Justice wears that bl...
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Portland Police Left 3,000 Rape Kits Gathering Dust In Storage Room

Portland police also admitted they neglected thousands of rape kits that could have solved around 500 sex crimes over the past 10 years. June 16, 2017 The police identified the alleged assailant as a registered sex offender. However, they never got around to making an arrest or even submitting the evidence. In yet another example of unacceptable la...
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Female jail inmates admit stealing prescription drugs from sheriff’s office drop box

She admitted and wrote a voluntary statement of obtaining prescription medication from the front counter of the sheriff's office pill drop box June 14, 2017 CARSON CITY, Nev. — According to Carson Now , Three Carson City jail inmates face multiple felony drug charges after allegedly stealing prescription medication from a drop-off box inside the fr...
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Accused killer arraigned in cold case murder

A 52-year-old man accused of fatally stabbing an acquaintance whose body turned up in an East County field nearly 31 years ago pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a murder charge. June 13, 2017 EL CAJON (CNS) - A 52-year-old man accused of fatally stabbing an acquaintance whose body turned up in an East County field nearly 31 years ago pleaded not guilty...
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Advanced DNA Testing Leads to Suspect's Arrest, 31 Years After Man's Fatal Stabbing

Detectives have arrested a suspect using advanced DNA testing June 12, 2017 Thirty-one years after a man's fatal stabbing in Lemon Grove, homicide detectives have arrested a suspect using advanced DNA testing, San Diego County Sheriff's deputies (SDSO) announced Monday. Stacy Littleton, 52, of San Diego, has been charged with a single count of murd...
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Pueblo attorney represents accused former sheriff's lieutenant

The evidence recovered from the storage locker included blood-soaked women's socks, a blanket, rope, hatchet and other items believed to be linked with the Hiltz homicide, which Dodd helped investigate a decade ago. June 6, 2017 CANON CITY -- Former Fremont County Sheriff Lt. Robert Dodd did not have to appear in county court Tuesday in connection ...
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