Former State Patrol investigator accused of stealing prescription drugs, controlled substances

Court documents indicate that Kober had previously been assigned to pick up the drop-off boxes from drug take-back events. November 15, 2017 Former Nebraska State Patrol investigator Christopher G. Kober has been accused by federal prosecutors of stealing drugs while on the job and intending to distribute them to others. The Patrol fired Kober, 44,...
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Nebraska State Patrol, DEA agent make state's biggest fentanyl seizure yet

This fentanyl seizure is the largest-ever in Nebraska and one of the largest in the nation October 12, 2017 The Drug Enforcement Agency and the Nebraska State Patrol made a record-setting fentanyl seizure — 15 kilos, with a potential street value of $15 million — during routine surveillance at the Amtrak train station in Omaha on Wednesday morning....
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Nebraska trooper charged with theft from patrol facility

Trooper take ammunition Enter Article DATE HERE OMAHA, Neb. - A Nebraska State Patrol investigator has been accused of stealing ammunition from the patrol's facility in Omaha. The Omaha World-Herald reports that 44-year-old Christopher Kober, of Bellevue, was arrested Friday and has been charged with felony theft. If convicted, he faces up to ...
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Sergeant whose decision derailed murder case was tied to lost evidence in 2013

Omaha World-Herald, BYLINE: Todd Cooper / World-Herald staff writer Omaha, NE The sergeant in charge of the 2014 murder case that fell apart last week faced major questions, even an internal investigation, over lost evidence in a 2013 murder case. Omaha Police Sgt....
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DNA match leads to more burglary charges for man in prison

2011-06-10_INT_DNA match leads to more burglary charges_01
Lincoln Journal Star, BYLINE: LORI PILGER Link to Article Lincoln, NE David R. Morgan (courtesy photo) Police say they now can put a name to a DNA profile charged in a "John Doe" arrest warrant in December for a 2009 burglary at a downtown hardware store. And...
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100-box search fails to find missing evidence in Lincoln murder case

2011-01-21_G-A_100-box search fails to find missing evidence_
Lincoln Journal Star, By PETER SALTER / Link to Article Lancaster County, NE Darrel Parker carries a bucket of sunflower seeds to a bird feeder in his Moline, Ill., backyard. Parker retired as parks director of Moline, Ill., but still works pa...
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Marijuana raids continue;

Lincoln Journal Star (Nebraska) BYLINE: ZACH PLUHACEK Lincoln, NE Police's pot stash grows More than two dozen yard waste bags filled with drying marijuana - evidence of 11 recent raids on pot-growing houses in Lincoln - are neatly organized in a nondescript warehouse in the...
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Pot piling up in Lincoln police warehouse

Lincoln Journal Star, BYLINE: ZACH PLUHACEK / Lincoln Journal Star Link to Article One Video Lincoln, NE Paper lawn bags filled with mar­i­juana dry in a police prop­erty room on March 18, 2010. (ERIC GREGORY / Lin­coln Jour­nal Star) Sgt. William Koepke, wit...
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