DEA's Definition Of Evidence Control Apparently Doesn't Include Recording Gross Weight Of Seized Substances

2016-03-14_DEA Definition Of Evidence Control_01
2016-03-14_DEA Definition Of Evidence Control_01
[WBNS-TV, WSYX-TV], Floor64, Techdirt, BYLINE: Tim Cushing LINK: DEA_Audit.pdf Columbus, OH From the: 'controlled' substances, my-ass department Legal Issues Let's start out with this story, which is graphically (and tragically) illustrative of the problem discu...
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Deputy's demise causes deep problems for Arpaio

The Associated Press, KTVK-3TV, BYLINE: Jacques Billeaud/The Associated Press Maricopa County, AZ Ramon Charley Armendariz PHOENIX (AP) -- When sheriff's deputy Ramon Charley Armendariz hanged himself, he left behind a house full of questions. Among the items at...
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Former police officer accused of theft found dead

KSL Broadcasting Salt Lake City UT, BYLINE: Pat Reavy Park City, UT SOUTH SALT LAKE — A former Park City police officer convicted of embezzling money from the department's evidence room and the Fraternal Order of Police was found dead of an apparent suicide Monday, t...
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Former Raytown police officer charged for thefts from evidence room

KCTV 5 News, BYLINE: Laura McCallister, Multimedia Producer Raytown, MO KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - A former Raytown police officer has been charged in connection with thefts of drugs and valuables from a Raytown police evidence room, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Pe...
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Former city employee charged with burglarizing police evidence room BYLINE: Linda Stinnet Link to Article Derby, KS Frank L. Sneller Courtesy photo A former Derby city employee has been charged with burglarizing the police evidence room over a two-month period earlier this year. Frank L. Sneller, 29, was formally charged in...
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Coroner: 2013-06-13_Caseyville police chief facing charges kills self, BYLINE: staff CRIMINAL COMPLAINT Caseyville, Il CASEYVILLE, Ill.—A police chief in Caseyville facing official misconduct charges was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound at his Fairview Heights home on Thursday. J.D. Roth’s body ...
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Defense attorney: SPD audit could have far-reaching results

Fisher Interactive Network, BYLINE: Jon Humbert Link to Article One Video Seattle, WA SEATTLE -- The Seattle Police Department's audit of potential misconduct has not yet begun, but it is already coming under public scrutiny. The audit was scheduled in the wake ...
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Euclid police chief ends career amid controversy

The Plain Dealer, BYLINE: Pat Galbincea, The Plain Dealer Link to Article Euclid, OH Euclid -- Jim Repicky has been a police officer for 32 years, but two of his worst days occurred in the past four years. Eight months after he was sworn in as police chief...
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