Attorney general announces first-of-its-kind campaign to reduce sexual assault kit backlog

Wisconsin received the two largest grants in the country to locate and address untested kits in hospitals and law enforcement agencies across the state, Schimel said. The DOJ announced the receipt of $4 million in grants in September 2015 to inventory the untested kits. January 31, 2017 In an attempt to curb the backlog of an estimated 6,000 u...
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South Dakota Forensic Lab completes testing of all rape kits

Attorney General Marty Jackley confirms that South Dakota Forensic Lab (SDFL) has completed the testing of all rape kits from law enforcement agencies in South Dakota. Untested rape kits have become and continue to be a national concern. January 9, 2017 PIERRE, S.D. (KOTA TV) – Attorney General Marty Jackley confirms that South Dakota Forensic Lab ...
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Answering the nagging questions about those 3,800 untested rape kits

Our state's leaders must have the fortitude to pursue more than feel-good, no- or low-cost solutions. Our state's citizens must demand compassionate care for victims that rises to the highest-quality medical and forensic standards in anticipation of rigorously pursuing victim wellness while simultaneously laying a meticulous groundwork fo...
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Sexual assault task force discusses 1,400 untested kits

The sexual assault task force's goal is to process the untested kits and ensure no future kits get backlogged. July 22, 2016 MISSOULA, Mont. - Over 10 bipartisan agencies from across the state gathered to figure out what to do with the over 1,400 untested sexual assault kits in Montana. Friday's meeting started with a tour of the state crime lab fa...
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Phoenix Police Department to begin testing all rape kits

"We're removing the subjectivity from the decision-making process." Mary Roberts, Phoenix police assistance chief July 1, 2016 The policy change comes amid mounting pressure from victims' rights advocates, who say uniform testing may lead police to serial assailants. After the kits are tested, the DNA will be entered into the FBI's Combined DNA Ind...
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