Medical issues postpone trial date for retired Springfield police officer Kevin Burnham

Medical issues postpone trial date for retired Springfield police officer Kevin Burnham March 20, 2017 Springfield-Kevin Burnham, retired Springfield police officer, appears in Hampden County Superior Court where his case was continued until March.  Burnham is facing charges with stealing nearly $385,000 in cash from the police department's ev...
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Man claims he owns $16K held by Pflugerville police but now missing

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Suffolk DA issues subpoenas to Village of Lloyd Harbor, mayor says

Any and all documents regarding the surrender and disposition of weapons to the Lloyd Harbor Police Department" from Jan. 1, 1987 to present. March 17, 2017 The Suffolk County district attorney's office has issued subpoenas to the Village of Lloyd Harbor for police records, the village's mayor said Friday. One of the subpoenas requested payroll rec...
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Trial date Monday for retired Springfield Police Detective Kevin Burnham, accused of stealing nearly $400,000 from evidence room

Monday is the trial date for retired Springfield Detective Kevin Burnham, accused of stealing nearly $400,000 from the Police Department's evidence room over four and a half years March 17, 2017 SPRINGFIELD -- Monday is the trial date for retired Springfield Detective Kevin Burnham, accused of stealing nearly $400,000 from the Police Department's e...
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Las Vegas police Evidence Vault has 1 million unclaimed items

Metro has many warehouses around the city that house recovered property March 18, 2017 Burglars stole your stuff. The police recovered it. What comes next? Enter the reason for the Evidence Vault, which isn't really a vault at all, as attendees learned at a recent First Tuesday seminar. On hand for the February talk at Northwest Area Command, 9850 ...
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Police: Pungent pot grower to be charged with felonies

Enter Headline here Enter Article DATE HERE PORTSMOUTH — Police plan to upgrade charges to felonies against a city man accused of growing 51 marijuana plants in his basement, which were seized and stunk up the Police Department and adjacent City Hall. Plans to upgrade charges against Christian Lydon, 47, of 1156 Woodbury Ave., are cited in a m...
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Evidence out-of-control: a provincial inquiry is needed into HRP's drug exhibit audit

The shockingly sloppy evidence control procedures also create uncomfortable questions about the trustworthiness of our criminal justice system. March 16, 2017 Last summer The Coast revealed that an internal audit conducted by the Halifax Regional Police had found widespread problems with the security and record keeping inside the HRP's Drug Vault—t...
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How cops say they cracked woman’s 1987 St. Paul strangulation

The 30-year-old cold case, which led to the filing of charges against Withers on Thursday, was solved after additional DNA testing of the fingernails of the victim, March 16, 2017 In 1987, several days after pleading guilty to a string of burglaries in St. Paul's Macalester-Groveland neighborhood — and being released from jail a day later — Michael...
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