Ex-Boyce Police chief sentenced to 33 months in federal pen

Daily Town Talk (Alexandria, Louisiana) BYLINE: Abbey Brown Boyce, LA The former Boyce Police chief was sentenced Wednesday to 33 months in a federal penitentiary for weapons charges. Claude Williams, 52, received the sentencing from U.S. District Judge Dee Drell in Alexandr...
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Detroit cop accused in cocaine theft pleads to lesser charge

The Detroit News (Michigan) BYLINE: Paul Egan / The Detroit News Detroit, MI Detroit - A Detroit police officer charged with stealing cocaine from the police evidence room and replacing it with corn starch will have those charges against him dropped after he pleaded guilty T...
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Former police officer sentenced to prison

The Associated Press State and Local Wire Muskogee, OK A former Muskogee police officer has been sentenced to four years in prison for possession of stolen firearms and falsely claiming a military award. Thirty-one-year-old Kris Ledford was sentenced Tuesday and is to report...
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Ex-officer admits he stole from police safe; Sylvania veteran faces up to 5 years in prison

Toledo Blade (Ohio) BYLINE: ERICA BLAKE BLADE STAFF WRITER Sylvania, OH For 20 years, Carl Beckman was assigned to oversee the evidence collected by Sylvania police and stored in the department's property room. Yesterday, the former police officer pleaded guilty in Lucas Cou...
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How theft plot unraveled; Officer left trail while stealing drugs

Herald News (Passaic County, NJ) BYLINE: By PAUL BRUBAKER Passaic County, NJ Granulated sugar spilling from plastic bags in a police evidence room was just one of the things that unraveled what would have been a perfect crime. So obvious was the clumsy replacement table suga...
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Bratenahl police chief announces retirement; Falzone embroiled in missing-evidence probe

Plain Dealer (Cleveland) BYLINE: Mark Puente and Gabriel Baird Bratenahl, OH Bratenahl - Embattled Police Chief Paul Falzone retired Tuesday afternoon, two days before a report about guns, drugs and money that went missing under his watch was scheduled to be released. "I thi...
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Former prosecutor sentenced again

Omaha World-Herald (Nebraska) BYLINE: WORLD-HERALD NEWS SERVICE Council Bluffs, NE COUNCIL BLUFFS -- Drunken-driving charges against a former assistant Pottawattamie County attorney were resolved Wednesday when Jeff TeKippe pleaded guilty Cass County. TeKippe, 47, was senten...
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Probe of Bandera police expanding

San Antonio Express-News BYLINE: Zeke MacCormack, STAFF Bandera, TX BANDERA - The investigation that yielded a felony perjury indictment against Bandera Police Chief Jim Eigner has expanded to include allegations of evidence tampering and possible misconduct by at least one ...
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