St. Paul police find first DNA match solving a cold case

St. Paul Pioneer Press (Minnesota) BYLINE: Maricella Miranda St. Paul, MN Dale Heinhold picked up a homeless man 20 years ago, took him to his St. Paul house, bought him pizza and beer, and offered him help. That night, the homeless man stabbed him to death. "He was the best...
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Shouldn't Fear New DNA Law

Washington, MO On Thursday Missouri joined 15 other states and the federal government in requiring DNA samples be taken from those arrested for certain crimes. Most states, including Missouri, were already collecting DNA from those convicted of crimes. The legislation Gov. J...
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Charge filed in unsolved 2003 burglary based on DNA profile

The Sheboygan (Wisconsin) BYLINE: Eric Litke, Sheboygan Press staff Sheboygan, WI Prosecutors have used a DNA profile to file charges in an unsolved burglary from six years ago, side-stepping the statute of limitations in the first case of its kind in Sheboygan County. Autho...
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Souto tied to drug dealer;

The Record (Bergen County, NJ), North Jersey Media Group BYLINE: RICHARD COWEN, STAFF WRITER, Passaic County, NJ Accomplice said stolen coke was sold Ever since Passaic County Sheriff's officer Alan Souto was arrested in March 2008 for stealing nearly 1...
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PA ex-recruit gets 6 years in drug plot

The Star-Ledger (Newark, New Jersey) BYLINE: PETER SAMPSON, For the Star-Ledger Passaic County, NJ A former Port Authority police recruit who trained and managed professional boxers was sentenced yesterday to more than six years in federal prison for conspiring with a Passai...
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States News Service BYLINE: States News Service Newark, NJ The following information was released by the Newark Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation: A former Port Authority police recruit who also managed professional boxers in New Jersey was sentenced today to 7...
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Felon suspected of WSP lot break-in; Prints found on vehicle seized in investigation

Spokesman Review (Spokane, WA) BYLINE: Meghann M. Cuniff Spokane, WA A felon arrested after a daylong standoff at a north Spokane apartment may be responsible for a break-in at the Washington State Patrol impound lot in April, police said. Detectives found Casey D. Beckham's...
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Phillips charged with drug, theft offenses

Clay County Democrat By RYAN ROGERS Marmaduke, AR Former Marmaduke mayor Byron Phillips was arrested Tuesday, June 16, following an investigation of alleged crimes he reportedly committed while in office. Phillips, 42, was arrested on class B felony charges of two counts of ...
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