Untested rape exam kits number thousands in Indiana

September 20, 2017 Like many states, Indiana has a problem — mountains of untested rape exam kits in local law enforcement agencies that contain DNA evidence potentially identifying sex offenders. Indiana's backlog of untested kits is certainly in the thousands. Victim advocates say the question is, how many thousands? No one can accurately answer ...
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Investigation fails to solve mystery of missing drug evidence

The mystery of what happened to 71 oxycodone pills that disappeared after being introduced as evidence in a Franklin County drug-possession trial remains unsolved after a sheriff's office investigation. Enter Article DATE HERE The mystery of what happened to 71 oxycodone pills that disappeared after being introduced as evidence in a Franklin C...
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Orange County deputy charged with grand theft

A deputy with the Orange County Sheriff's Office is accused of grand theft after stealing items from a crime scene, including cash, and possibly using stolen credit cards in another county, i September 19, 2017 A second deputy came to the address on Heming Way to handle the drug case, which resulted in Shehata's arrest, officials said. When Shehata...
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Insane amount of fentanyl seized in record-breaking bust

Where do I put it?

NYPD and DEA agents recovered 64 kilograms of the lethal drug from a residential  as part of a broader pair of stings that netted $30 million worth of narcotics. Enter Article DATE HERE Law enforcement agents seized a record haul of street-grade fentanyl from a Queens building — ​marking ​the largest ​such bust ​in New York City history, ...
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Assistant prosecutor knew of sheriff's office evidence trouble in 2015, reports show

In 2015, the State Police were investigating a sheriff's office employee suspected of stealing drug forfeiture money. ​ Sept. 18, 2017 LANSING — An Ingham County assistant prosecutor and a Michigan State Police investigator were told of widespread problems with evidence at the Ingham County Sheriff's Office more than a year before news reports expo...
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Harrisburg police corporal to plead guilty to $22K theft

A former supervisor of the Harrisburg police vice unit plans to plead guilty to charges he stole more than $22,000 from an evidence locker September 15, 2017 HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A former supervisor of the Harrisburg police vice unit plans to plead guilty to charges he stole more than $22,000 from an evidence locker, according to court document...
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After lab closure, daunting questions on DNA-based convictions remain

Thousands of people — defense attorneys estimate 4,000 to 5,000, while prosecutors say fewer than 3,600 — were convicted using evidence processed by the Police Department's forensics lab between 2004 and 2016, Enter Article DATE HERE The shuttering of the Austin Police Department's forensics lab after an audit found unscientific protocols and ...
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"We got you": Arrest in 1992 cold case slaying of Mass. teacher's aide Lisa Ziegert

Last year, Gulluni released a computer-generated rendering of a suspect using new technology that analyzed the DNA to predict the suspect's physical characteristics. September 18, 2017 SPRINGFIELD, Mass. -- Massachusetts prosecutors say they've made an arrest in the slaying of a middle school teacher's aide 25 years ago. A court on Friday issued an...
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