Woman charged with stealing drugs from Okaloosa County Sheriffs

Investigators say Rezzarday committed criminal violations in connection with prescription drugs stored in Evidence August 29, 2017 KALOOSA CO. (WTVY) — The Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office today charged an OCSO civilian employee with grand theft of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. 40-year old D...
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Former Vt. Dispatcher Sentenced

She also gave Sadler the keys to the drug take-back drop box and the evidence room, the affidavit states. June 7, 2017 White River Junction — A former Orange County dispatcher will spend the next six months on house arrest after letting her boyfriend and another man into restricted areas of the sheriff's department, where the pair allegedly took pr...
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Ex-Blackfoot cop gets two days in jail for pills

Sentenced a former Blackfoot Police officer to two days in jail and two years of probation for stealing thousands of prescription painkillers from a drug drop box. February 22, 2017 Magistrate Judge James Barrett on Wednesday sentenced a former Blackfoot Police officer to two days in jail and two years of probation for stealing thousands of prescri...
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Inmates Stole Pills From Monmouth County Jail Property Room: Complaint

The two broke into the room using a jail ID card on multiple occasions, authorities said. December 12, 2016 FREEHOLD TOWNSHIP, NJ — A pair of Monmouth County jail inmates are facing drug and conspiracy charges after they stole prescription drugs from the bulk property room at the jail, according to a criminal complaint. A third inmate has been char...
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Pinellas deputy fired, accused of pawning duty gun, stealing prescription drugs

Smith told investigators he was prescribed morphine and oxycodone for chronic back pain. His dependence on painkillers spiraled into addiction that "knows no boundaries and crosses socioeconomic lines October 13, 2016 LARGO — Supervisors noticed when former Deputy Steven Jared Smith's work performance started to slip. Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gu...
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Ohio sheriff accused of stealing drugs, tampering with records

Stierwalt asked for the investigation after local police chiefs in the county expressed concerns regarding alleged unusual behavior by Overmyer in prescription drug disposal drop box collections. The scope of the investigation quickly expanded into other allegations of wrongdoing. August 23, 2016 Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer has been indic...
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Deputy accused of stealing drugs pleads not guilty

Gioconodo is accused of taking prescription pain pills from his girlfriend and at least one pill from the medicine cart at the downtown jail. Detectives accuse Giocondo of stealing the narcotic drugs while on and off duty in two separate incidents, one at the Justice Center and the other in the Town of Clay. June 30, 2016 CLAY, N.Y. -- An Onondaga ...
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