Couple stole cash from Bradenton police. She got probation, he’s going to jail

The Zaagmans paid $24,800 in restitution prior to Monday's hearing, though they were initially suspected of stealing nearly $30,000 from the police department from 2011 until 2015. May 8, 2017 The husband-and-wife duo who bilked the Bradenton Police Department out of tens of thousands of dollars pleaded guilty to a second-degree felony scheming to ...
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Medical issues postpone trial date for retired Springfield police officer Kevin Burnham

Medical issues postpone trial date for retired Springfield police officer Kevin Burnham March 20, 2017 Springfield-Kevin Burnham, retired Springfield police officer, appears in Hampden County Superior Court where his case was continued until March.  Burnham is facing charges with stealing nearly $385,000 in cash from the police department's ev...
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Investigators watched Miami cop steal cash from undercover agent, police say

Rather, investigators believe Acosta was hunting for cash. And they say he found plenty of it on a few unsuspecting drivers — and an undercover agent. March 14, 2017 On the night he was arrested, rookie Wynwood-beat cop Jose R. Acosta was patrolling Miami's trendy arts district and making traffic stops — only police say he wasn't interested in enfo...
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Body camera shows 'thieving idiot' deputy stealing money, Volusia County sheriff says

John Braman stepped down Monday after body cam video of the Aug. 1 incident clearly showed the deputy going through what appears to be a wallet and tossing something out. The wallet is put in an evidence pouch and a $100 bill is visible nearby. January 31 A central Florida sheriff's deputy has resigned after body camera video apparently showed him ...
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Former Louisville Metro Police Department Detective guilty of theft from interstate shipment

Willett admitted to stealing cash from a United Parcel Services (UPS) shipping sorting facility in Louisville, while working as a drug interdiction task force officer. ​ December 22, 2016 United States Attorney John E. Kuhn Jr. on Wednesday announced the guilty plea of a former Louisville Metro Police Department detective, in United States District...
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Former Fayette County policeman pleads guilty to theft

Norman Leo Howard III, 44, of Uniontown entered the plea in Fayette County court to charges of theft, tampering with evidence and obstructing the administration of law. A sentencing hearing date has not been set. September er 22, 2016 A former Redstone Township police officer pleaded guilty this week to stealing money and a computer from a police e...
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DARE officer sentenced for embezzling thousands

BROWN COUNTY, WI (KTRK) -- A former Brown County deputy who stole thousands from the DARE program has been sentenced to two years in prison and seven years on extended supervision. June 18, 2016 BROWN COUNTY, WI (KTRK) -- A former Brown County deputy who stole thousands from the DARE program has been sentenced to two years in prison and seven years...
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Former North Slope police employee admits to stealing $110,000 from evidence room

During that time, Solomon took cash from evidence envelopes and, the agreement states, "sometimes even destroyed the case file associated with those evidence items." June 17, 2016 ANCHORAGE (KTUU) A former North Slope Borough Police Department employee in a plea agreement admitted to stealing at least $109,623 from a police evidence room and to des...
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