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    Erin technologyThe complete evidence management system for all your inventory tracking and chain of custody needs!

    ERIN, or Evidence Room Information Network, is a powerful and flexible software solution for managing everything in your police or sheriff's property room and evidence room. It provides law enforcement agencies an automated barcode or RFID system to manage and track any property and evidence including people, digital pictures and video. ERIN creates an unalterable and airtight chain of custody record extending from the crime scene, to the lab, to the court room, and to final disposition.


    Evidence Management Software
    Easy to use, modern and customizable user interfaces; customizable screens and data entry to meet user needs

    Law Enforcement Solutions
    Capability to take evidence-gathering to the crime scene itself – mobility through smart-phones, tablets – totally browser-based

    Chain of Custody Software
    No limit on number of users with our unlimited user license

    Evidence Management System
    All media – documents/images/audio/video may be stored and associated with any number of items, people, or cases

    Evidence Software
    Data Hub – seamlessly connect and switch to other systems such as your Record Management System (RMS), or your Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system

    Evidence Tracking
    The most automated method available for reviewing cases. Enter a date or use the preset offense statute of limitations to receive notifications and assign per your department guidelines

    Equipment Tracking
    Customizable and savable searches or queries provide fast and simple searching for any data required

    Evidence Room Management System
    Multiple sites for managing more than one physical inventory location

    Phone: 1-855-558-ERIN(3746) | Website

  • EvidenceOnQ Demo Overview | FileOnQ

    In the world of law enforcement managing evidence is one of the most challenging and critical tasks that Law Enforcers face. Agencies can overcome many, if not all of these challenges with a customizable, state-of-art evidence management system.
    Visit: http://EvidenceOnQ.com to learn more.

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