Police: Advances in DNA technology helped link 3 cold-case homicides in Eugene

Eugene Police say investigators have connected three cold-case homicides thanks to advances in DNA technolog Enter Article DATE HERE EUGENE, Ore. - Eugene Police say investigators have connected three cold-case homicides thanks to advances in DNA technology, the department said Friday. Police did not identify the cases. A press conference on t...
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Wisconsin Sexual Assault Kit Tests Lead to 20 DNA Hits

The state Department of Justice's efforts to analyze thousands of untested sexual assault kits generated nearly two dozen DNA hits during the last half of 2017. February 9, 2018 MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel's efforts to analyze thousands of untested sexual assault kits generated a score of DNA hits during the last h...
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Program Manager - Working Title: Evidence Manager - Sheriff's Office - DeLand, FL

Salary: $63,419.00 - $104,910.00 Annually Job Requirements: Education & Experience Requirements (Minimum Qualifications) Bachelor's degree in Business Management, Criminal Justice or closely related field AND at least five (5) years of experience in law enforcement property and evidence management. Must obtain certification with the Internation...
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Botched investigation: Body overlooked for 49 days in van on police property

"It is absolutely embarrassing," said Mike Collins, a retired Shelby County Sheriff's deputy. February 8, 2018 MEMPHIS, Tenn. - FOX13 has new information about what happened the night Memphis police officers overlooked a shooting victim. Investigators told FOX13 no one has came forward to identify the body found. MPD hopes that a loved one, family ...
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Ex-police officer sentenced for stealing more than $310K

Brady had been hired in August 2010 as the department's forfeiture coordinator February 6, 2018 FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — A former police officer who confessed to stealing more than $310,000 in cash from his department has been sentenced to one year and four months in prison. The Sun Sentinel of South Florida reports 34-year-old Gerard Anthony B...
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Rape Kit Tracking App Created To End Back Logging Of Rape Kits

A group of engineers are aiming to use their technology skills to tackle social problems. Feb 08, 2018 MONTGOMERY, AL -- (WTVY) A group of engineers are aiming to use their technology skills to tackle social problems. They hope to help end the back log of rape kits in the criminal justice system, by using an app. The idea is that victims of sexual ...
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Police sergeant is arrested after being caught on camera 'stealing a paralyzed woman's prescription opioids and offering her hush money'

Maryland Sgt. Christopher Barnett, 45, stole three pills from a paralyzed woman after entering her home to question her about an unrelated case February 5, 2018 A Hagerstown police sergeant in Maryland has been arrested after stealing prescription opioids from a paralyzed woman, who caught him on video. Sgt. Christopher Barnett, 45, stole the woman...
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Cold Case: 29 Years Later, Suspect Charged With Murder of Anne Levee (DNA)

or 29 years, the murder of a 27-year-old woman near Lake Pleasant went unsolved. Now, there is a suspect. Enter Article DATE HERE The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office announced Tuesday that it arrested 55-year-old Donald Lee Scott for the December 10, 1988, slaying of Anne Levee, who had been shot multiple times when deputies found her. It was...
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