Female jail inmates admit stealing prescription drugs from sheriff’s office drop box

She admitted and wrote a voluntary statement of obtaining prescription medication from the front counter of the sheriff's office pill drop box June 14, 2017 CARSON CITY, Nev. — According to Carson Now , Three Carson City jail inmates face multiple felony drug charges after allegedly stealing prescription medication from a drop-off box inside the fr...
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New Texas Law Enables Comprehensive Rape Kit Reform

What's The Impact On the Property Room?

With the passage of a bill establishing a tracking system for evidence in sex assault cases, Texas has become the first state to implement comprehensive rape kit reforms. June 15, 2017 AUSTIN — With the passage of a bill establishing a tracking system for evidence in sex assault cases, Texas has become the first state to implement comprehensive rap...
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19 guns were unaccounted for in Riverside police property room

guns, cash and drugs were unaccounted for Enter Article DATE HERE RIVERSIDE The Riverside Police Department's property room became a place where guns, cash and drugs were unaccounted for by the time Montgomery County Sheriff's Office officials this year declared it was "not in operational capacity," according to a Riverside police memorandum o...
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Accused killer arraigned in cold case murder

A 52-year-old man accused of fatally stabbing an acquaintance whose body turned up in an East County field nearly 31 years ago pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a murder charge. June 13, 2017 EL CAJON (CNS) - A 52-year-old man accused of fatally stabbing an acquaintance whose body turned up in an East County field nearly 31 years ago pleaded not guilty...
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Advanced DNA Testing Leads to Suspect's Arrest, 31 Years After Man's Fatal Stabbing

Detectives have arrested a suspect using advanced DNA testing June 12, 2017 Thirty-one years after a man's fatal stabbing in Lemon Grove, homicide detectives have arrested a suspect using advanced DNA testing, San Diego County Sheriff's deputies (SDSO) announced Monday. Stacy Littleton, 52, of San Diego, has been charged with a single count of murd...
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City must pay $19M to end suits by wrongly convicted pair over 1993 Brooklyn kidnapping - DNA

DNA analysis of hairs on the girl's body in 2009 excluded Wagstaffe and Connor. June 13, 2017 The city must pay out $19 million to end the wrongful conviction suits of two men who spent decades in prison because of police misconduct. Everton Wagstaffe, 48, and Reginald Connor, 49, said their 1993 kidnapping convictions were the product of a shoddy ...
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North Providence police audit misses deadline

Of the 26,000 pieces of evidence in the room, Lombardi said 200 pieces still need to be logged. June 12, 2015 NORTH PROVIDENCE, R.I. — The mayor's deadline for the completion of an audit of the evidence came and went. And more than two weeks after that May 26 deadline passed - there's still "quite a bit of work to do," Mayor Charles Lombardi said i...
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Former NC sheriff’s captain accused of taking cash from evidence safe

The arrest is a result of a State Bureau of Investigation probe into evidence that was missing from the Columbus County Sheriff's Office June 9, 2017 WHITEVILLE, N.C. (WECT) — A former captain with the Columbus County Sheriff's Office has been accused of stealing money from the evidence safe at the Columbus County Sheriff's Office. David Gerald Nob...
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