Retired MSP sergeant headed to prison on felony gun conviction

At least 12 people had keys to the evidence room October 10, 2017 CADILLAC — A retired Michigan State Police sergeant cleared of wrongdoing in an embezzlement case was sentenced to serve two years in prison on a firearms charge Monday in 28th Circuit Court. Malcolm Lindsey Irwin, 53, of Cadillac, was told by Judge William Fagerman as he was handing...
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Bedford Police Officer Arrested Saturday

The investigation stems from Eddie Allen mishandling evidence - the theft of cash October 9, 2017 (BEDFORD) - A Bedford Police Department officer was arrested Saturday on warrants charging him with theft and official misconduct. Indiana State Police arrested 42-year-old Edward Allen, of 1329 Peerless Rd., Saturday at 8:55 a.m. He posted a $755 cash...
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The Latest: Some concertgoers’ belongings being returned

Deputy Clark County Fire Chief John Steinbeck announced Sunday that items are being returned to people at a Family Assistance Center in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. October 8, 2017 LAS VEGAS — The Latest on the mass shooting in Las Vegas (all times local): 10:15 a.m. Officials say they're beginning to return personal belonging...
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Laconia police prepare to destroy old guns

The weapons include shotguns, pistols and bolt-action rifles. October 6, 2017 LACONIA — Police have asked a judge to allow them to destroy about two dozen guns, some used in crimes, some used in suicides and others simply found on land or in a river. The weapons include shotguns, pistols and bolt-action rifles. Police Chief Matt Canfield said the d...
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Washington state gets $3M to ease backlog of 6,000 untested rape kits

Washington state is getting $3 million in federal grant money to continue analyzing forensic evidence in previously untested rape kits. Some of the money will go to creating a cold-case team to investigate sexual assaults that may have occurred years, even decades, ago. Enter Article DATE HERE The state's ongoing efforts to analyze DNA from th...
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Guns, money missing from Sheriff’s Office are described in SLED audit

"Immediately after the completed inventory, there were over 790 items of evidence listed on the evidence inventory list which were not found." October 6, 2017 During the inventory, S/A Wallace obtained documents from Sheriff Chastain, former LCSO Capt. Stephon Williams, and LCSO Sgt. Jimmy Sharpton regarding evidence which was converted to county u...
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Duggan: Dracut Police Dept. evidence locker audit 'disturbing'

"It is clear from the audit, that the appropriate steps contained within the training material were never implemented or followed." October 6, 2017 DRACUT -- Although the Middlesex District Attorney's Office has found no indication that the integrity of any evidence within the Dracut Police Department has been compromised, former interim Chief Neil...
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Even deadlier form of fentanyl reaches San Diego County

Carfentanil is 100 times stronger than the synthetic opioid fentanyl and is typically used to sedate massive animals like elephants October 6, 2017 Imagine a substance so potent that a few specks — the size of a few granules of table salt — can kill you. If you didn't think the stakes could get any deadlier in the emerging fentanyl crisis, it has. ...
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