Man arrested in Sanford had fentanyl disguised as candy, police say

The suspected fentanyl were in the shape of square multi-color pills and resembled children's vitamins and candy, police said. November 28, 2018 SANFORD, Fla. — A Sanford man was arrested Monday after police said he was found in possession of fentanyl pills that were designed to look like children's vitamins or candy. Floyd Aiken, who had an active...
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No rape kit should go untested amid #MeToo movement

Enter Headline here Enter Article DATE HERE With each passing day, we are confronted with an increasing number of headlines that reveal the true scope and scale of sexual misconduct in our midst. As more brave survivors come forward, it is apparent that sexual assaults are committed repetitively, blatantly and too often with impunity. For year...
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Baltimore officials to appeal $15M award in wrongful conviction lawsuit

"Finally, justice has been served," Burgess said during a news conference outside the courthouse Tuesday night. "It wasn't about the money. It was about wanting the truth to come out." Enter Article DATE HERE Baltimore City Solicitor Andre Davis said Wednesday he would appeal a $15 million federal jury award to Sabein Burgess — the Baltimore m...
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Greenville police officer arrested after $60 stolen from car he searched (body cam)

November 21, 2017 GREENVIILLE, NC – A Greenville police officer was arrested Tuesday afternoon after $60 was stolen from a car he searched. Officer Alec Smith, 23, was charged with misdemeanor larceny. Greenville police officers were called to the Rodeway Inn on Greenville Boulevard on November 5 to investigate potential drug activity. Officers rec...
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LA County Board Approves $15 Million Settlement in Wrongful Conviction Lawsuit

The settlement is the largest between the county and a single individual in at least the last decade November 21, 2017 The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved a $15 million payout today -- the largest single-plaintiff settlement in at least a decade -- for a man who was imprisoned for 27 years for a 1984 murder he said he didn't commit...
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Gun, drugs back on Riverdale streets after city manager uses evidence bay for free self storage

A city manager's decision to use the police evidence bay as his personal storage room may have helped put drugs and a gun back on the streets of Riverdale. Enter Article DATE HERE A city manager's decision to use the police evidence bay as his personal storage room may have helped put drugs and a gun back on the streets of Riverdale. And that'...
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Man, wrongly convicted of 1978 killings in Simi Valley, recommended for release from prison

New DNA evidence has cast doubt on the conviction of a man who has spent more than half his life in prison after being convicted in a 1978 Simi Valley double-homicide. November 20, 2017 New DNA evidence has cast doubt on the conviction of a man who has spent more than half his life in prison after being convicted in a 1978 Simi Valley double-h...
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Exclusive: Florida man being held in connection with 2 ‘cold case’ murders of young women in New York

Bodily fluids were recovered from the young victim, for a "John Doe" DNA profile. November 8, 2017 THE BRONX — Dora Delvalle Almontaser was just 19 years old, when her mother discovered the teen had been strangled with a phone cord in her family's Bronx apartment. Christopher Gonzalez The date was Dec. 2, 2000. Bodily fluids were recovered from the...
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