DNA links NYC child rapist to young girl's 1993 cold case sexual attack

They obtained a match in January when Dixon pleaded guilty to raping the 12-year-old girl in the Bronx in November 2016 and his DNA profile was entered into a nationwide FBI database. May 5, 2017 Published May 05, 2017 Fox News Facebook Twitter livefyre Email Print Mugshot for William Dixon, 58, that was taken this week. (NYS Department of Correcti...
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Investigator turns over Sanborn murder case files that he kept in his attic

The boxes of material held exculpatory evidence and show that a detective lied at the trial, the defense team says. May 2, 2017 One of the now-retired Portland police detectives who investigated the 1989 murder of Jessica L. Briggs has turned over two boxes of case files he has kept in his attic, including material never before disclosed to Anthony...
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Selma PD evidence tech fired, arrested over stolen guns and jewelry

The third gun, the 9mm, made its way back out onto the streets of the community and was used in a deadly shooting in Dallas County, the chief said. Enter Article DATE HERE SELMA, AL (WSFA) - Selma police officers took one of their coworkers into custody Tuesday as officials revealed that several items had been taken from the department's evide...
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Drug called furanyl fentanyl is so potent you can die from touching it, Georgia authorities say

The drug is so potent, it can cause a fatal overdose just through skin absorption. May 4, 2017 ATLANTA - The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says a drug is so dangerous, if someone touches it they could die. Numbers just released show a drug called furanyl fentanyl, which the Drug Enforcement Administration website calls a synthetic opioid, caused ...
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With a St. Paul cop's help, man's cremains are back with his family

A diligent sergeant in the property room of St. Paul Police Department reunited a family with the ashes of James Harris, which had been left abandoned at Oakland Cemetery in St. Paul May 5, 2016 James Harris was a family man; a father of nine, uncle and brother beloved by kin from Illinois to Arkansas to Minnesota. Now, more than seven years after ...
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County crime lab chemist charged with stealing, using drugs from evidence locker

A chemist with the Allegheny County crime lab has been charged with stealing and using drugs from an evidence locker in February. May 3, 2017 A chemist with the Allegheny County crime lab has been charged with stealing and using drugs from an evidence locker in February. Matthew Ieraci, 28, of Baldwin Borough was placed on leave from the lab Feb. 2...
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Sheriff ‘deeply saddened and angry’ by arrest of evidence custodian in theft case

GBI investigation that uncovered missing money and drug evidence Enter Article DATE HERE When Jasper County Sheriff Donnie Pope hired Michael Barrett about three years ago, the U.S. Navy veteran already had law enforcement experience. Until late last month, Barrett, 39, was an investigator and evidence custodian for Pope's office in Monticello...
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Police say they're frustrated with lengthy evidence room audit

Mayor Lombardi: 'Get it done. I don't want to hear it anymore May 2, 2017 NORTH PROVIDENCE – Police officials say they believe more than half of 100 or more items that have gone missing from the North Providence Police Department's evidence rooms will eventually be found in the department. Items still unaccounted for include two "crack cocaine buys...
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