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100,000 Dollars Found in Police Station's Evidence Room

FOX 40
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Johnson City, NY

2010-07-14_100000 Dollars Found in Police Station_
For maybe as long as ten years, more than 100 thousand dollars has been sitting idly in a box in the evidence room at the Johnson City Police Station.

An investigations as to how the money got there and why it's been sitting untouched for so long has been on-going and Mayor Dennis Hannon says so far there is no evidence of any wrongdoing.
Hannon says he's upset because the nearly 130 grand, which most likely came through drug arrests, could have been used for equipment and programs for the department.

As for who's to blame, Hannon stopped just short of pinning it on former Police Chief Douglas Potts

Certainly a failure of the former leadership and that could be more than one individual as well, but of course as we know, the buck stops with the chief," Hannon said.

Hannon would not say if this issue had anything to do with the suspension and ultimate retirement of Potts.

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International Association for Property and Evidence
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Probe of police department won't be over soon
JC seeks source of cash stash

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