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2 Lake County Officers Accused Of Stealing Guns From Evidence Locker

CBS 4 Denver,

William Berry Arrest Affidavit

Lake County, CO

Sgt. Jeffrey Hartman (credit: Lake County Sheriff’s Office)

LEADVILLE, Colo. (CBS4) – Two law enforcement officers are going to face charges after allegedly stealing several guns from the evidence locker.

Lake County Sgt. Jeffrey Hartman turned himself in. He was the evidence custodian. An investigation showed a deputy, William Berry, constructed the plan to take the four guns, which came from a previous case Berry had been involved in.

“The evidence custodian and the deputy got together and agreed to do this transaction, they would divide up the firearms. One of them took a firearm to keep for himself. and another took 2 firearms to keep for himself and another to sell,” District Attorney Bruce Brown said.

The investigation got underway when a federal agent never received a gun he bought from Berry.

Berry has yet to be arrested. The district attorney’s office is working with his attorney to get him turned in.

Both suspects face several felonies including official misconduct.

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