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APD Chief: Incident Of Missing Evidence Is Heartbreaking

WPAS News Channel 7,
BYLINE: Rich Klindworth , WSPA Staff

Asheville, NC

Missing evidence has led to an audit of the room and the 90,000 pieces of evidence inside

ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- More than 2,000 pending felony cases may be effected as the Asheville Police Department is facing an evidence investigation.

Buncombe County District Attorney Ron Moore says pills were discovered missing last Friday during a drug case.

Moore says the Asheville Police Department's evidence room has now been shut down for an SBI investigation and an independent audit of the evidence.

Asheville Police Chief Bill Hogan says the two evidence workers have been put on non-disciplinary administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

Chief Hogan says there were a limited amount of people with access to the evidence.

“It's heartbreaking to me; very disappointing to me because it has an impact on the entire department and all the good men and women who are part of this organization,” says the chief.

Asheville Criminal Defense Attorney Corey Atkins of Barnett & Falls says depending on what is found during the investigation, some defendants could benefit from this situation.

D.A. Moore says this all started back in February when a former evidence worker resigned from his position, witch prompted a mandatory sample audit.

Chief Hogan says some evidence was missing but it all came to a head with last week’s drug case.

The Chief says a new evidence room has been opened with new workers.

Moore says all jury trial cases with the Asheville Police Department are on hold for the next month.

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