Bexar County SO Under Investigation
BYLINE: Brian Mylar, KSAT 12 News Reporter
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Bexar County, TX

FBI, Bexar County Sheriff's Department Investigating Alleged Wrongdoing By Narcotics Officers

SAN ANTONIO -- Several Bexar County sheriff's deputies Monday were under investigation for possible wrongdoing involving narcotics cases.

Bexar County Sheriff Amadeo Ortiz said thousands of dollars worth of drugs -- and thousands more in cash -- were confiscated regularly by Bexar County sheriff's narcotics investigators.

Ortiz said some of those same investigators are under the microscope for possible wrongdoing involving drugs and money.

"Once in a while, somebody will be tempted and they'll take a bite out of the apple," said Ortiz.

He said the FBI brought the possible problem to their attention, but added that nothing illegal has been found so far.

"We've moved some of the people that are under investigation so that they won't be on the street anymore, but other than that, we're still looking at it," said Ortiz.

Oritz said procedures are in place to make sure deputies are monitored in the locked property room, but said there are "always cracks in the armor."

The property room is behind several locked doors and is under constant video surveillance.

"The narcotics are dropped into the narcotics safe," said Deputy Leonard Crawford, a property room officer.

He said it would be hard for money or drugs to disappear here because there would be both physical and electronic evidence, including both paper and computer trails.

Ortiz said morale is low because of the investigation, but that the vast majority of employees are "good."

For those inclined to steal from the department, "by all means, we'll bring 'em to justice," said Ortiz.

The Deputy Sheriff's Association of Bexar County said it does not condone illegal activities among its members and is looking forward to the outcome of the investigation.

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