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Charges possible in missing-drugs investigation

Civitas Media, Jacksonville Journal Courier,
BYLINE: Cody Bozarth

White Hall, IL

Any charges in an investigation into the theft of prescription medication from the White Hall Police Department could be filed as early as Wednesday, according to the Greene County State’s Attorney.

State’s Attorney Caleb Briscoe said Tuesday that he was still reviewing reports gathered by the Greene County Sheriff’s Department.

He said he anticipated filing any charges by Thursday at the latest.

“I hate to set timetables, but I’d rather move on this sooner rather than later,” he said.

Sheriff Robert D. McMillen said the investigation took about a month. His agency began investigating after the possible theft of medicine from the White Hall Police Department was noticed.

The investigation spawned a second investigation involving a Roodhouse police officer and dispatcher.

Two Roodhouse Police Department employees — a police officer and a dispatcher — were placed on paid administrative leave last week in the wake of the investigations, which Roodhouse Chief of Police Kyle W. Robison said involved possible illegal drug transactions.

Officials said it does not appear any of the missing medication was from evidence storage rooms at either police department.

Robison said there will be an internal investigation once the state’s attorney’s review is completed.

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