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Chattahoochee Police Chief Turns In Resignation

BYLINE: Chuck Poullard, Fulton County Crime Examiner
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Chattahoochee Hills, GA

2010-11-18_INT_Chattahoochee Police Chief
Cheif resigns under GBI Investigation - Photo: Fox 5 Atlanta

The Police Chief of Chattahoochee Damon Jones resigned Wednesday morning effective immediately. The Georgia Bureau Of Investigation is investigating allegations of improper handling of evidence. Jones have been the chief since 2008 and was being investigated regarding missing evidence and precedure violations. .

The case was turned over to the Coweta County district Attorney's Office. Resident's say, " If he did not do any thing wrong why would he resign. He is just trying to avoid prosecution for his crimes. As the chief, you know or should have known what happened to evidence and if proper procedure were not being followed. I suppose greed and this economy has even the chief of police stealing. Although the chief has not been charged with a crime the department is still under investigation

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