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DNA assists in arrest of Austin sex offender in Wisconsin

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Austin, TX

Wisconsin police arrested a man accused of sexual assault in downtown Austin last year, and they did it with help of DNA evidence.

APD detectives say Shawn Paul Decker sexually assaulted a woman in August 2009.

The victim says Decker followed her into the Railyard condos on 4th Street. A second woman was attacked half an hour later by someone matching Decker's description That was caught on a security camera.

DNA found on a sexual assault victim was matched to Decker's profile in Colorado, helping APD solve what was turning into a cold case.

"We're real excited about the hit because we were very frustrated because we had an intense investigation surrounding the case and a lot of people involved," said Scott Stanfield, of the sex crimes unit. "Basically came up empty handed and we were frustrated."

APD detectives believe Decker has moved around to several cities and used to spend time at The Arch downtown.

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