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DNA solves old burglary, cops say

St. Tammany bureau
By Jeff Adelson

Slidell, LA

Slidell police wrapped up a 5-year-old burglary case this week when they were able to match DNA samples taken during the investigation to a suspect, authorities said Friday. In July 2004, a Slidell resident called police after waking and finding an intruder in her home about 9 a.m., Slidell police Capt. Kevin Swann said. Police would not release the address of the burglary. Police did not say how the man left the home. The woman told police he apparently did not apparently, but he did leave behind a pocketknife, Swann said.

Investigators swabbed the knife for DNA and sent the samples to the Louisiana State Police Crime Laboratory in Baton Rouge, Swann said. While analysts were able to extract a DNA sample, they could not identify the suspect at the time, he said. The sample sat in a law enforcement database for five years before Slidell police were notified that Glenn T. Lopez, now 22, matched the sample they had taken, Swann said.

The victim later picked Lopez out of a lineup, he said. When questioned by police, Lopez confessed to the burglary, Swann said. Lopez, of 352 Oriole Drive, Slidell, was booked with aggravated burglary.  Lopez was also arrested in February and booked with simple robbery.

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