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Ex-policeman pleads innocent to charges he stole guns in evidence

The Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois)
BYLINE: Kevin Barlow;

Clinton, IL

CLINTON - A former Clinton police officer accused of taking guns last year from an evidence room at the Clinton police station pleaded not guilty Wednesday in DeWitt County Circuit Court.   Jerry Bristow, 55, also was scheduled to stand trial May 18 on eight felony charges and one misdemeanor count.

Bristow is accused of taking a target pistol and shotgun from the station on May 12, a pistol on July 3 and a re-volver on Aug. 1. The first two incidents were charged as felonies, but the one involving the revolver was filed as a misdemeanor because the gun was valued at less than $300.   He is also charged with six felony counts of official misconduct.

Each felony count carries a potential prison term of two to five years. Bristow supervised the evidence room at the department and left the force Jan. 1, before the charges were filed. A subsequent investigation by the DeWitt County Sheriff's Department led to the discovery of the missing weapons.
He was arrested Jan. 27 and arraigned the following day.  Bristow posted $1,000 and was released. He is scheduled for a status hearing April 29.

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