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Firearms Stolen from MarMac Police Department During Renovations

BYLINE: Katie Wiedemann, KCRG-TV9

Clayton County, IA

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CLAYTON COUNTY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- The Clayton County Sheriff's Office is looking for some stolen guns and the person who stole them from the Mar-Mac Unified Police Department in Marquette.

The police and fire departments are both located inside a building on 319 Pleasant Drive. Police say, last month, flood water got inside the building so they were moving things around. Investigators say it was during that time that someone stole the guns.

The Clayton County Sheriff's Department is now handling the theft investigation.

Clayton County Investigator Sgt. Brent Ostrander says an undisclosed number of guns went missing sometime February 8 through 17. He says those guns had been kept in the garage portion of the building attached to the Police Department.

Ostrander said he can’t say if there was forced entry into the building or not. He says that would jeopardize the investigation.

Investigators also said MarMac Police Chief Jason Bogdonovich was the person who reported the stolen guns to the Clayton County Sheriff.

Chief Bogdonovich did not return TV9’s phone calls requesting more information.

Marquette Mayor Larry Breuer told TV9 the investigation is being handled properly.

“When I first heard the guns were stolen, I called the Clayton County Sheriff’s Department to make sure another agency was investigating the situation other than the local police,” Breuer said.

Breuer said he doesn't think someone stealing guns from the police department is that big of deal
Anyone with information should call the Clayton County Sheriff's Department at 563-245-2422.
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