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New Information: Old Arson Evidence Remains Stored In Metal Container
BYLINE: Jeni DiPrizio,
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Memphis, TN

2010-10-11_New Information Old Arson Evidence Remains
MEMPHIS, TN -- Evidence from several arson cases remains sitting in metal storage containers more than six months after a new evidence room opened.

In February, Memphis Fire Department bosses told Eyewitness News old evidence would be transferred out of the storage containers and placed into the new facility after a security system was installed. It was installed in March.

The evidence is from current and former arson cases.

Memphis Fire would not agree to be interviewed about the evidence that remains in the storage containers. Evidence stored in those containers is exposed to extremes of hot and cold weather.

Memphis Fire Department spokesperson, Wayne Cooke released a statement saying, “Some of the evidence has already been transferred. The remaining evidence may or may not be transferred due to its age and/or link to specific cases.”

Memphis Fire sources disagree with that statement and have told Eyewitness News that none of the old evidence has been transferred to the new facility.

Memphis Fire would not let Eyewitness News past the front door of the new facility. We were not allowed to view what was inside the evidence room, not even through a glass window on the door.

A 2008 report on the state of the evidence room found it was in shambles and arson evidence was deteriorating.

Cooke said new evidence collected from arson fires is stored in the new facility.

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