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Police employee on leave after 'cash accounting irregularities’ found in evidence room

Post Publishing Company, Inc., The Salisbury Evening Post,
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Salisbury, NC

SALISBURY — The Salisbury Police Department has placed its evidence and property custodian on paid administrative leave as authorities investigate “cash accounting irregularities” in the evidence control room, Police Chief Rory Collins said Friday.

Jeffrey Emerson is a civilian employee of the department, Collins said in a press release. He has been employed with the department since 1997 and served in various civilian roles prior to his appointment as evidence custodian in 2006.

Collins said after “the discovery of a potential problem” in the evidence control room, he and Rowan County District Attorney Brandy Cook asked the State Bureau of Investigation to perform a review. That review will include an investigation of irregularities and an audit of the department’s evidence and property control room, the press release said.

“While this situation has the potential to create a negative reflection upon the department, it is important for us to be transparent about this matter and to let our community know that we are taking this very seriously,” Collins said in the press release. “One of the key elements in the success of the Salisbury Police Department and our ability to gain and maintain the trust of our community is that we consistently operate at an exceptionally high level of integrity, regardless of the circumstances.”

Collins noted Emerson has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the probe, but that “should not be construed as wrong-doing or as an indication of criminal activity on his part. Administrative leave is simply a tool that is used to facilitate a full and thorough investigation into this matter.”

Collins declined Friday evening to discuss the amount of money involved in the investigation or when the department first noticed the accounting irregularities, saying he would await the outcome of the investigation.

A phone number listed for Jeffery Emerson was not in service.

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Salisbury Police employee placed on leave

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