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Police search for missing $15,000 from Brockway case

The Evening Tribune,
BYLINE: Neal Simon

Hornell, NY

Hornell, N.Y. —

Mayor Shawn Hogan told The Evening Tribune Wednesday that the Hornell Police Department is searching for $15,000 in single denomination bills missing from Steven P. Brockway evidence file.

Hogan said he was informed of the missing evidence on Monday by Hornell Police Chief Ted Murray.

Hogan said if the money is not located in the next two days or so, the matter should be investigated by an "outside agency."

The Steuben County District Attorney's Office may become involved if the evidence is not recovered, a prosecutor said Tuesday.

The evidence, which Hornell law enforcement has declined to describe but which The Tribune has confirmed is $15,000, will not be needed in a court proceedings for Brockway, Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker said Tuesday.

Nevertheless, Baker said missing evidence is "always a concern."

Hornell authorities began searching for the evidence after Brockway's criminal case came to a close in a Bath courtroom last week.

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