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Police Upgrade Evidence System The News Station
BYLINE: Jim Hamill
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Williamsport, PA

Police in have a new way of handling evidence thanks to a new system that was recently installed.

Williamsport Police investigate hundreds, if not thousands, of crimes every year. Many times, evidence of those crimes has to be kept behind closed doors. That is exactly the idea behind the new evidence lockers at Williamsport's City Hall.

Williamsport Police Sergeant Brett Williams gave an overview of the new evidence lockers installed inside City Hall.

Upgrading the evidence rooms was paid for by $200,000 of grant money.

"We expanded the evidence room to be able to handle the more evidence we're taking in," explained Sergeant Williams.

The lockers were as far as our cameras were allowed to go. It is where police are ultimately cut-off from pieces of evidence they place inside.

"Nobody can gain access to it except for the evidence custodians. In that sense it's secure as it can be," added Sergeant Williams.

There are even refrigerated lockers dedicated for evidence that needs to be kept at a certain temperature.

"We bring in a lot of drugs and we've been dealing with more serious shootings, homicide cases, all that evidence gets brought in put into lockers here."

In addition to the lockers and expanded evidence room, police in Williamsport were able to expand the impound garage to make room for all the evidence investigators gather throughout the year.

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