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Sources: Drug money missing from evidence room
BYLINE: Tom Wait
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Highland Park, MI

City of Highland Park
City of Highland Park

City officials are under investigation

2010-06-25_Drug money missing from evidence room_02HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. (WXYZ) - Action News has learned that almost $11,000 in cash was stolen from an evidence room inside Highland Park City Hall. Our sources tell us the Wayne County Sheriff is investigating whether it was an inside job.

The money was reported missing back in December of 2008 – we’re told it was cash seized in connection with cases involving drugs.

The city’s mayor, Hubert Yopp, confirms an investigation is underway, but won’t say who is being investigated or what was stolen. Yopp is not suspected of any wrongdoing because the money was reported missing before he took office.

We’ve also learned that several city officials are taking polygraph tests. The mayor says he will not confirm or deny whether that is true.

The evidence room does not have any surveillance cameras or a computerized entry system, so there is no way to track who enters and leaves the room. Mayor Yopp says he is working with the Michigan State Police to install security systems.

So far there have been no arrests in this investigation. Stay with Action News for updates.

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