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Subway Pervert’s Semen Finally Betrays Him

New York Magazine,
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Bronx, NY

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A packed subway car, Hardware's favorite place to masturbate. Photo: Chris Hondros/Getty Images

In the annals of subway perversion, Darnell Hardware of the Bronx has to be one of the most heinous offenders. Prosecutors say that in three incidents between 2002 and 2005, Hardware pulled out his "hardware" on a packed subway train, rubbed it against a young woman apparently until he climaxed, and then escaped when the train doors opened. According to DNA Info:

Prosecutors said his alleged victims, a 24-year-old, 22-year-old and a 17-year-old high school student, were trapped in the packed cars and helpless to escape because they could not move away from Hardware even as dozens of witnesses looked on.

The fact that nobody on these packed trains confronted Hardware as he assaulted these women, or apprehended him before he could bolt, is pretty depressing. But where bystanders failed, semen prevailed. Hardware was finally connected to the incidents last month when he was forced to submit a DNA swab for an unrelated drug charge. I knew it was you, semen. You broke my heart.

Serial Subway Sex Abuser Carried Out String of Attacks, DA Says [DNA Info]

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