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Two Harrisburg police officers accused of stealing guns from evidence room

The Patriot-News, PennLive LLC,
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Harrisburg, PA

A veteran Harrisburg police officer and a retired city cop are accused of stealing firearms from the department's evidence room on separate occasions, authorities said this afternoon.

Patrolman David Earl Black, 43, of Mechanicsburg, and retired officer Frank Peskie, 59, of Highspire, were both property management officers in charge of handling evidence for the department. Peskie retired about 10 years ago after about 30 years of service. Black has been with the force about 20 years.

The investigation began in November when Peskie's daughter was pulled over in a traffic stop and told officers her father's handgun was with her in the car, according to court records. Police checked the gun, a Beretta Tomcat, and discovered it was stolen, according to court records.

Police said in that during their review of evidence room records, they discovered a different gun, one that was supposed to have been destroyed, was transferred to Black, according to court records. Black was interviewed and admitted taking the gun, records state.

Black and Peskie were charged with theft, arraigned and released on their own recognizance.

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