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Weston Police Department Property Room Investigation Shows Discrepancies For Case Evidences

Thaindian News,
BYLINE: Ranjan Bhaduri
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Weston, FL

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Weston Police DepartmentWeston, June 7, (THAINDIAN NEWS) Weston Police Department’s Property room witnessed an investigation which depicted many cases where the evidence weren’t filed in a proper manner in the Police logbooks.

Reportedly this is the second time when search orders for property room investigation was issued. It was way back in the year of 2009 when the Mayor of Weston had issued similar orders for the Police Department property room investigation after a Weston Police Officer was charged for stealing drugs from the case evidences.

The drug stealing charges were brought against Kyle Zumbrunn (27) who pleaded guilty in front of the court and is currently serving his 16 month sentence at the Correctional Facility of Lansing. After Kyle Zumbrunn was taken into police custody, Weston police listed out a total of 110 drugs that were missing from the case evidences.

Out of this 37 were morphine sulfate pills, 28 were morphine pills and 45 were oxycodone pills.

Platte County Sheriff’s office has released an official statement which said that other than Kyle Zumbrunn there has been no other criminal activities in the police department. However, Terry Blanton who happens to be the Weston Police chief told the media that he didn’t get a chance to see the report himself.

The recent property room investigation revealed the fact that there has been negligence from the Weston Police Department and the Mayor has raised fingers questioning the ability of the police to maintain and handle case evidence.

The investigators told the media that they have cited out a total of 93 discrepancies which includes improper documentation and incorrect labeling of the case evidences.

Out of this only 89 discrepancies have been fixed till now.

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