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Changes implemented at Summerville PD following former officer's arrest

He was accused of taking nearly $7,500 from their evidence room.

New changes have been implemented at the Summerville Police Department.

This comes after a third audit was completed by SLED after a former officer was accused of selling evidence to a pawn shop back in 2020.

"Any time someone tarnishes the reputation not only of their organization but their profession, it cuts deep, it cuts deep," said Chief of Police Doug Wright.

Former Officer Wade Rollings was arrested and fired from Summerville Police Department back in December 2020.

He was accused of taking nearly $7,500 from their evidence room.

"We initiated an arrest of our former employee, we submitted that person for misconduct for the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy, we immediately called SLED and the First Circuit Solicitors Office," said Chief Wright.

In SLED's latest audit, it was revealed just a week later, the former officer allegedly sold seven firearms to a pawn shop, all from the department's evidence room.

The 10-year Summerville Police Department vet was the evidence custodian, which mean he was allowed in the evidence room by himself.

Since his termination, the department has implemented new measures. That includes new leadership to oversee the evidence room, a mandate of two people to be in the evidence room at a time and an installation of security cameras.

Rollings also had a hand in the murder investigation of five-year-old Italia Lomelli Graham.

"Any time you have a 5-year-old little girl murdered in her own home, her castle, her safe haven is unacceptable," said the Chief.

Rollings was accused of "haphazardly" investigating the scene after a bullet was found with Graham's DNA on it.

Rollings allegedly told superiors he did not have the proper equipment to find the bullet's trajectory and did not ask another agency for better equipment.

"We will not tolerate bad behavior from our police officers, no amount of behavior will not be tolerated and I will not tolerate violent crime in this time," said Chief Wright.

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An internal investigation is ongoing.

Rollings has been charged with one count of grand larceny and two charges of misconduct in office.

Anyone with information on Italia's murder is urged to contact the ATF.

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