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Charges provide details to Hardin jail burglary

BYLINE: Jon Musgrave, Daily Register/Daily Journal
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Hardin County, IL

Hardin County Sheriff's Department Jon Musgrave


Three prisoners in the Hardin County Jail broke into one of the sheriff department's evidence rooms by taking the hinges off the door last weekend.

The three helped themselves to anxiety medicine on Saturday and a jar of liquid morphine and a .22 caliber long rifle on Sunday according to bills of information filed this week in circuit court.

Illinois State Police are investigating the case but have not provided any details. Sheriff Joyce Cullison has deferred comment to State's Attorney Melissa Presser who has also remained tight-lipped so far.

Presser filed charges against Jerry L. Hicks, 45, of Rosiclare on Tuesday; David Skyler Ramsey, 22, of Rosiclare on Wednesday and Raymond M. Dutton, Jr., 35, of Cave-in-Rock Thursday afternoon.

All three had been prisoners at the county jail prior to this weekend and since Sunday afternoon been inmates at the Saline County Detention Center in Harrisburg.

Presser did confirm that the evidence room is only one such storage area for evidence in the two-story jail. Prisoners did not gain access to the larger one and the incidents should not become an issue in other ongoing prosecutions.

According to a bill of information Dutton allegedly conspired with Hicks and Ramsey to break into the room in the Saturday incident and shared possession of the 119 pills of prescription 0.5 mg Alprazolam.

Alprazolam, better known as Xanax, "is used to treat anxiety disorders and panic disorder" and comes with a warning that "it can be habit-forming," according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Dutton faces charges of conspiracy to commit obstructing justice and possession of of contraband in a penal institution. Both are Class 2 felonies.

Hicks and Ramsey face charges of burglary and theft, a Class 2 felony and a Class A misdemeanor.

On Sunday Presser claims that the men once again broke into the evidence room and took the rifle and morphine.

For that Dutton faces another charge of conspiracy to commit obstructing justice as well as burglary, a Class 4 and Class 2 felonies respectively. Hicks and Ramsey face additional charges of burglary and theft as well as three counts each of possession of contraband in a penal institution, a Class X felony for the rifle, a Class 1 felony for the morphine and a Class 2 felony for the Alprazolam.

All three had court appearances this week and remain in jail at Harrisburg.

Raymond Dutton Saline County Detention Center

Jerry Hicks Saline County Detention Center

David Ramsey Saline County Detention Center

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