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Clermont Sheriff: claim your stuff before it's disposed of. Items include cell phones, jewelry, firearms

The listing is varied and includes everything from seized drugs and drug paraphernalia!!!!!

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An empty Marlboro cigarette pack, nine empty video game cases, 2 grams of heroin and more are seized items that could be disposed of by the Clermont County Sheriff's office.

Hundreds of items that have been found, abandoned, stolen, or seized are now subject to disposal. There's still time, however, for people to claim or establish their ownership of their stuff.

The listing is varied and includes everything from seized drugs and drug paraphernalia, to clothing, cell phones and other technology, jewelry, firearms and ammunition. There's even a cardboard "Homeless and Hungry" sign.

To see the lists, visit the Clermont County Sheriff's Office website, To claim an item or establish ownership rights you should call the evidence room between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays no later than Aug. 8 at 513-732-7502.

Unclaimed items will be subject to disposal.


How do you claim your stuff from Clermont County Sheriff?

Clermont Cty Sheriff gives public until Aug. 8 to claim items in evidence room. Items include cell phones, jewelry, firearms.
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