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Missing money at LPD spurs investigation

City Attorney - funds "have went amiss" at Livingston Police Department. 

April 7,2021

An investigation is underway concerning missing money at Livingston Police Department, according to Livingston City Attorney John Meadows.

Meadows informed the Board of Alderman of the investigation during the Monday, April 5 monthly meeting.

Meadows began by saying, "This is strictly for informational purposes only."

He explained that funds "have went amiss" at Livingston Police Department.

"The police chief, himself, notified District Attorney General Bryant Dunaway to this fact," Meadows said.

He said Dunaway confirmed a TBI investigation has been opened up to look into the missing funds.

"In addition, reports were made to the Comptroller's Office, and the Comptroller's Office has also opened up an investigation," Meadows said. "According to General Dunaway, the TBI and the Comptroller's Office are coordinating with each other in that investigation that's ongoing at this time.

"I don't have any other details to present or discuss because I'm not privy to the ongoing investigations. It's just to let you'all know that is in fact taking place."

He said MTAS police management consultant Rex Barton is scheduled to visit LPD the week of April 16 to present policies and procedures and security to ensure proper measures are put in place "to prevent anything like that from happening in the future."

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