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SPPD Fires Employee Over Money Stored in Evidence

"A comprehensive action plan has been implemented as we continue to operate efficiently"

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An employee with the Southern Pines Police Department has been fired following a recent audit within the Property and Evidence Department, according to Cheif Robert Temme.

The audit revealed irregularities that warrants a further inquiry. Chief Robert Temme and Town officials are having the State Bureau of Investigations to conduct an independent investigation to avoid any conflict of interest.

According to the news release, Joseph C. Leggett, who was an evidence technician and had been an employee since 1999, was suspended and subsequently terminated on Monday upon the SPPD identifying deficiencies in the routine audit involving money that was stored in evidence.

"We work hard to earn the trust of our community. This situation is regrettable and something we take seriously," said Cheif Temme. "Our transparency and process is a clear indication that we are prepared to police ourselves, and partner with other agencies to ensure that we maintain the integrity of our police services. We are committed to fully cooperating with the SBI to ensure their investigation is thorough. A comprehensive action plan has been implemented as we continue to operate efficiently. Our intention is to keep our community informed of relevant developments throughout the entire process."

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