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Mold in Scituate police station could force temporary move, transfer of prisoners

Mold has rendered some police evidence unrecognizable

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SCITUATE -- After fielding reports on a severe mold problem at the town's police department, Scituate town officials talked Thursday night about moving the police force to a fire station and locking up prisoners overnight in other towns.

The council took up the discussion, in a politically charged atmosphere, after taking testimony from a group of consultants and specialists, including one who said that mold has rendered some police evidence unrecognizable.

"Some of these things aren't even identifiable they have so much mold on them," said Thomas Hamilton, the owner of a consulting firm that assessed mold in the basement of the building on Aug. 21.

The report from the Massachusetts firm, OccuHealth, says that a mold spore concentration of less than 1,000 counts per cubic meter of air is acceptable for indoor environments.

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