After the Verdict: Disposing of Evidence at the CCSO

He stands calmly, evidently accustomed to the smell, between rows of meticulously organized evidence bags. September 28, 2018 Investigator Harry Einfalt, CCSO, shows the double sided lockers used for moving evidence into the vault The smell hits you first as Harry Einfalt, Campbell County Sheriff's Office investigator, unlocks and opens the door to...

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Reprimand: Deputy seizes marijuana in traffic stop, doesn't report it

How deputy discarded the marijuana isn't disclosed September 10, 2018 BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio -- A Butler County deputy facing a federal lawsuit in connection with withholding and tampering with evidence received a formal reprimand, more than a year prior, for improperly disposing of evidence. The evidence in question? Marijuana. On Sept. 7, 2013, Depu...

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