Bensalem police, FBI seize $1.2M in pills from alleged Lower Bucks pill ring (Stolen From Waster Disposal Facility

$1.2 million dollars worth of discarded pills stolen by employees at a Falls waste disposal facility and resold Enter Article DATE HERE It started with a small-time pot bust, and over months the investigation grew. Now Bensalem police say they and the FBI have shut down a major drug ring and seized $1.2 million dollars worth of discarded pills...

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Police fire up new drug incinerator

"It burns the material down to a dust and simply destroys any active agent in the meds," July 6, 2018 The Lincoln Police and Logan County Sheriff Departments were on hand Friday to witness the first burn of a new drug incinerator used to dispose of dangerous unused medicine in the area. Lincoln Police Chief Paul Adams said his department has collec...

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