Fremont cold-case killing solved through familial DNA

The DNA technology company used family trees and narrowed in on Guerrero as a suspect. January 24, 2019 In December 1990, Upton was a manager at the Safeway in Fremont's Irvington neighborhood. Co-workers said he was dependable and was always prompt. "One day, he didn't show up," Blas said. "They got a little bit concerned. Next day he didn't show ...

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How the Supreme Court Could Rewrite the Rules for DNA Searches

The arrest of the alleged Golden State Killer and a case currently before the court both raise questions about Fourth Amendment rights in the digital age. Enter Article DATE HERE Several years ago, the Supreme Court considered the case of Alonzo Jay King Jr. Arrested in an assault in Maryland, he ended up being charged and convicted in an unso...

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