Major lapse at Amite police HQ: Drugs, weapons stolen in brazen heist; many cases affected

Ross (trusty) had been allowed to help transport drugs to the Police Department's evidence room and therefore knew where they were stored July 23, 2018 An ex-convict raided the Amite Police Department's evidence room this year and carted off a smorgasbord of prescription pills, heroin and other narcotics, internal police records show — a burglary t...

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Guns stolen from evidence room at old Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office

"We have 22 guns stolen, along with some narcotics March 7th, 2017 Livingston PARISH, LA - Livingston Parish law enforcement, like many other entities in south Louisiana, has been through the ringer thanks to the August flood. The 911 call center was flooded, as was the prison and the old courthouse building. Apparently, somebody knew not everythin...

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