Ohio single mom's 1991 cold case murder solved using DNA uploaded to public genealogy site

"He's a ghost in the investigation,"​ March 13, 2020 A single mother's cold case murder in Ohio has been solved with an arrest after nearly 29 years. Rachael Johnson was 23 when she was raped, beaten, stabbed and set on fire on March 30, 1991. Her daughter was three at the time. On Thursday, Akron police charged Daniel Rees, 57, with the murder. Po...

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DNA, genealogy used to solve cold case rapes, homicide in Rockville

Cold case detectives are investigating other crimes that Day may have committed. March 15, 2019 Montgomery County police have identified a suspect in two cold case rapes and a homicide that happened in Rockville, Maryland, in 1989 and 1994. The suspect, Kenneth Earl Day, died in March 2017 in West Virginia, at 52 years old. Investigators collected ...

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Cold-case breakthrough: Arrest made in 1993 murder based on DNA, info on genealogy site

Through additional forensic DNA testing and online genealogy website investigation, the suspect's DNA was identified as being consistent with DNA left at the crime scene, February 12, 2019 A suspect has been arrested in the 1993 murder of 35-year-old Jeanne Ann Childs in her Minneapolis apartment, based on DNA evidence and information on a genealog...

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Investigators use DNA, genealogy database to ID suspect in 1987 double homicide

William Earl Talbott II, 55, of SeaTac, was arrested as he was leaving his Seattle workplace. According to investigators, he is suspected of raping and killing a 19-year-old British Columbia woman in 1987, JUNE, 12, 2018 More than 30 years after a young Canadian woman was raped and shot in the back of the head, a 55-year-old SeaTac man was arrested...

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