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Campbell officer placed on leave after investigation into former chief

The internal investigation centers around accusations that former police chief Dennis Puskarcik took items from the evidence locker. March 15, 2019 CAMPBELL, Ohio - A Campbell police officer has been placed on administrative leave after an internal investigation into what officials say were "unfounded" allegations against the former chief. Accordin...

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Former deputy hit with 16 felonies

The indictments note that Smathers did "break and enter the Haywood County Sheriff's Office evidence room with the intent to commit a larceny or felony therein." Enter Article DATE HERE A former Haywood County Sheriff's Deputy has been indicted on several felonies, including trafficking Oxycodone. Former detective Kevin Smathers was terminated...

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DNA, genealogy used to solve cold case rapes, homicide in Rockville

Cold case detectives are investigating other crimes that Day may have committed. March 15, 2019 Montgomery County police have identified a suspect in two cold case rapes and a homicide that happened in Rockville, Maryland, in 1989 and 1994. The suspect, Kenneth Earl Day, died in March 2017 in West Virginia, at 52 years old. Investigators collected ...

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Rape Kit Tests: New York, feds join to get 100,000 sexual assault cases sent for DNA testing around US

"That backlog not only undermined justice and the perception, and reality, of equality - it also made every woman and every American less safe," he said. March 13, 2109 NEW YORK -- Languishing evidence in over 100,000 sexual assault cases around the country has been sent for DNA testing with money from a New York prosecutor and federal authorities,...

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Police make arrest in 30-year-old cold case of a murdered Philly woman

Voci says with the developments in DNA and other technologies, this case should serve as an example to families of cold case victims. March 14, 2019 PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) -- Police have arrested the former boyfriend of a Philadelphia woman, found dead in Montgomery County 30 years ago. It was November 1, 1988 state police found the body of 3...

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South Dakota police solve 38-year-old homicide of infant

he Sioux Falls police discovered a full-term baby dead, wrapped in a blanket and abandoned cornfield ditch on Feb. 28, 1981 March 9, 2019 Police in South Dakota have finally solved the 38-year-old cold case of an abandoned baby using DNA from genealogy sites to identify the child's mother. Theresa (Josten) Bentaas, 57, was arrested Friday in the 19...

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Former Toledo officer accused of having pistol previously marked as destroyed

A former Toledo police officer is facing a federal charge after law enforcement officials say he stole a weapon and other items from an evidence room. March 8 2019 A former Toledo police officer is facing a federal charge after law enforcement officials say he stole a weapon and other items from an evidence room. While searching the home of Curtis ...

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Ex-Bartow PD employee Stacey Lee Schaufler accused of stealing cash seized, stored as evidence

Bartow Police Department detectives arrested Stacey Lee Schaufler of Eagle Lake after it was discovered that money was missing from department evidence envelopes, and computer records had been altered, according to the BPD. March 6, 2019 BARTOW — A former Bartow Police Department evidence custodian is being accused of stealing cash seized by the de...

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Galesburg police officer reunites long-lost wedding ring with family

Found a wedding ring which had sat in an evidence vault for years Enter Article DATE HERE GALESBURG, Ill. (WEEK) — The detective work of one dedicated Galesburg police officer reunited a family with their parents' long-lost wedding ring. Earlier this month, Sgt. Bryan Anderson found a wedding ring which had sat in an evidence vault for years. ...

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Ex-Detroit homicide cop found with locker of evidence

The former detective, who retired from the police force in 2012 but left the Homicide Section in 2009, was being evicted from his home Thursday when court bailiffs and moving company employees stumbled on the evidence, February 8, 2019 Detroit — Police officials have launched a criminal investigation to determine if any murder cases were tainted af...

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Twin Lakes Police captain under criminal investigation

Capt. is suspected of taking prescription medications that were turned in to the police department through a drug take-back program. February 19, 2019 The second-in-command at the Twin Lakes Police Department is under criminal investigation for illegally removing prescription medications from the department. Capt. Dennis Linn is suspected of taking...

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Regional police records system ‘a disaster’ as costs mount for Portland police

The ambitious project, though, was beset by problems from the start, with officers complaining that the new system was too cumbersome and complicated to use Enter Article DATE HERE Seven years after it was touted as an innovative electronic records system to manage police reports from 40 police agencies for sharing, the RegJIN program now has ...

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Toledo police investigating retired officer related to missing firearm

Enter Headline here February 14, 2019 Toledo police are investigating a retired officer who worked in the department's property room after a firearm — and possibly other items — went missing. The internal breach has prompted the department to spend $10,000 on "additional security technology in the department's property room and updating policy and ...

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Arkansas police officer charged with tampering with evidence, accused of stealing drugs

He had full access to the general evidence locker and was actually in charge of that and would not normally have access to the narcotics locker February 12, 21019 An Arkansas police officer was caught – on camera – stealing drugs from the evidence room, according to officials within the very same police department. Lt. Freddy Williams is charged wi...

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District Attorney never received audit outlining mismanaged evidence at Southport Police Department

Evidence was routinely stored in the trunks of officers' cars rather than in evidence lockers, auditors also reported. February 8, 2019 BRUNSWICK COUNTY — Despite evidence mishandling – described by an official as "sloppy" – Brunswick County's District Attorney's Office has not contacted the Brunswick County Defense Bar about cases that may have be...

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In Serial Rape Case That Stumped Police, Genealogy Database Leads to Arrest

For more than 10 years, his identity eluded investigators Enter Article DATE HERE About a decade ago, Fayetteville, N.C., was terrorized by a series of rapes committed on and around a major thoroughfare on the northern side of the city. From March 2006 until January 2008, the police said, a man they called the Ramsey Street Rapist assaulted vi...

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Investigators use genetic genealogy to solve 1983 cold case sexual battery on 12-year-old girl

The suspect, William Louis Nichols, had previously been charged with rape in his home state of Wisconsin Enter Article DATE HERE Authorities in Florida have linked a suspect to a 1983 cold case of sexual battery on a 12-year-old girl using genetic genealogy, an investigative technology that uses an unknown suspect's DNA to trace his or her fam...

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Former Bunkie police chief to plead 'not guilty' to malfeasance charges

According to Louisiana State Police, Corner allowed multiple pieces of evidence to be unsecured, misplaced, and lost February 22, 2019 AVOYELLES PARISH, La. (KALB) - Former Bunkie chief of police, Bobby Corner, is set to plead 'not guilty' on Tuesday at the Avoyelles Parish Courthouse to charges of malfeasance in office, malfeasance in office by ta...

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Cold Case Justice: Identified after 20 years

North Carolina authorities said through advances in forensic science and contacting members of the victims' family trees they were able to determine the woman was the mother of the young male victim. February 6, 2019 (WYFF/NBC News) Investigators have identified a mother and son found dead at two separate crime scenes more than 20 years ago. The wo...

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Roosevelt County sheriff: Cash missing from evidence room

The Eastern New Mexico News reports Parker announced this week an audit found the cash missing after an employee notified him. Enter Article DATE HERE ORTALES, N.M. — Roosevelt County Sheriff Malin Parker is asking New Mexico State Police for help in investigating missing cash from its evidence room. The Eastern New Mexico News reports Parker ...

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Tulsa County Sheriff's property room overflowing

The property room currently houses about 56,000 pieces of property and evidence held by the sheriff's office. JANUARY 23, 2019 Stored personal property at the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office is becoming a big strain on law enforcement. The property room storing items of jail inmates belongings is running out of space to store pertinent items, like ev...

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West Virginia: Newly Elected Sheriff Arrested for Stealing Meth from Evidence Room—Second Day on Job

Williams was caught stealing methamphetamine from the evidence room for his personal consumption. January 16, 2019 Charleston, WV — To those who frequent the Free Thought Project, you will know that positions of power often attract unscrupulous individuals, who seek out this power to give themselves an advantage that doesn't come with being an aver...

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Thousands of rape kits go untested in Indiana

More than 2,500 rape kits from potentially viable cases currently sit unprocessed in police and sheriff evidence rooms across Indiana, a review of the untested kits has revealed. January 15, 2019 More than 2,500 rape kits from potentially viable cases currently sit unprocessed in police and sheriff evidence rooms across Indiana, a review of the unt...

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County officers hospitalized after exposure to fentanyl during traffic stop in Brentwood

"One of the officers started having numbness and tingling in his hand and mild dizziness and feeling lightheaded," Kurten said. January 10, 2019 UPDATED at 4 p.m. with new information, including results of tests showing substance was fentanyl. BRENTWOOD • Two St. Louis County police officers were taken to a hospital after being exposed Tuesday to f...

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UPDATE | Campbell chief placed on administrative leave

Audit found items missing from an evidence locker. December 28, 2018 CAMPBELL — Police Chief Dennis Puskarcik has been placed on leave after an internal audit found items missing from an evidence locker. Law Director Brian Macala said Mayor Nick Phillips placed Puskarcik on leave today. Macala said the audit was done at the request of the state Bur...

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Former Sugarcreek policeman David M. Strubel charged with theft of drugs, theft in office

Indicted on charges of stealing drugs from the State Highway Patrol December 29, 2018 NEW PHILADELPHIA A former Sugarcreek policeman and Garaway school resource officer has been indicted on charges of stealing drugs from the State Highway Patrol and/or the village police department. The Tuscarawas County grand jury also charged David M. Strubel, 33...

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This Maryland cop went from a decorated commander to raiding evidence room for drugs. And he's not alone.

"It's like you're putting them in the candy store" December 17, 2018 Every mile brought Lt. Dan Gosnell closer to relief. His body ached for the little white pills, though his mind shouted to turn back. "What the hell are you doing?" the young police commander asked himself out loud. His pickup cruised east through Harford County. The Aberdeen poli...

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Lincoln police chief arrested

Key had been taking prescription medicine from people under the pretense of placing it in the city's drug take-back box, according to reports. Enter Article DATE HERE LINCOLN -- State police arrested former Police Chief Brian Key on Thursday in connection with drug-related offenses. Key, 41, is accused of tampering with physical evidence and p...

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West Palm Beach officer arrested; accused of stealing cash from suspect

Officer was arrested  and is facing charges of grand theft, official misconduct, and possession of a controlled substance.​ December 1, 2018 WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A West Palm Beach Police officer is accused of stealing more than $1,000 from a suspect she arrested in October. Officer Nicole Palladino was arrested Thursday and is facing charge...

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Victim’s Sister In 1973 Cold Case Homicide Speaks At Suspect Arraignment (DNA - Genealogy)

Arthur Getreu, 74, was arrested in Hayward on Nov. 20 after Santa Clara County sheriff's deputies found a match on his DNA through an online genealogy database November 26, 2018 Arthur Getreu, 74, was arrested in Hayward on Nov. 20 after Santa Clara County sheriff's deputies found a match on his DNA through an online genealogy database. He has been...

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How investigators cracked unsolved murder of Harvard graduate student nearly 50 years later

"We now feel confident that the man identified as Michael Sumpter entered Jane's apartment through the window, assaulted her, murdered her in her bed and then fled the apartment," Ryan told reporters Tuesday. Enter Article DATE HERE Investigators finally have cracked a cold case murder that has haunted the Boston area for almost 50 years. The ...

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Investigation underway into evidence handling within Lawrence Co. Sheriff's Office

The controversy between members of the top brass is connected to the handling of things in their evidence room. Enter Article DATE HERE LAWRENCE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - There's tension within the ranks of the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office. The chief of staff and operations, Cpt. Tim McWhorter, has been suspended with pay and he is fighting to c...

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Former Bella Vista Officer Sentenced For Drug Thefts

Roberts, who was given access to the evidence room in 2015, said he had an addiction and began taking pills from the narcotics room because he liked the way they made him feel. October 23, 2018 BENTONVILLE (KFSM) — A former Bella Vista police officer was sentenced Tuesday (Oct. 23) to 60 days in jail and six years probation for stealing prescriptio...

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Trump administration awards 22 law enforcement agencies with new ballistic technology

Now, that could change with a new ballistics technology being awarded to 22 state and local enforcement agencies all over the nation on Thursday. October 12, 2018 Sometimes it can be hard for police to trace gun shell casings back to the scene of a crime and it could take months for ballistic results to be returned back to investigators without the...

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Feds charge WNY police chief with drug possession

Breitnauer was taking prescription pills from the New York State Medication Drop Box located at the Kenmore Police Station October 6, 2018 A western New York police chief has been charged with drug possession. Kenmore Village Police Chief Peter Breitnauer was charged Friday with possession of hydrocodone after a federal investigation, according to ...

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Police officer charged with drug trafficking

She stole medication from a suburban Cincinnati residence while there on official business and then tried to sell it. August 23, 2018 FOREST PARK, OH (FOX19) - A veteran police officer is under arrest on felony charges she stole medication from a suburban Cincinnati residence while there on official business and then tried to sell it. Ashley Meyer,...

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Overnight fire damages KC evidence building; police assessing what it means for cases

It is unknown what caused the fire, what was damaged and how that might affect current and old cases August 23, 2018 A fire early Thursday morning damaged one of the Kansas City Police Department's property and evidence buildings. The fire was reported shortly after 12:30 a.m. at the Kansas City Municipal Services building at 5300 Municipal Ave. Th...

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Centralia Police Audit Finds Hundreds of Errors in Evidence Storage, Including 55 Lost Marijuana Plants

Chief Says Findings Were a 'Shock,' Department Took Steps to Remedy Mistakes Enter Article DATE HERE A 2018 internal audit of the Centralia Police Department's two property storage rooms uncovered a glut of errors, including missing or misplaced evidence, prompting the department to reevaluate personnel managing the intake, outtake and organiz...

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Man arrested in connection to Miami cold case murder

As the years went by and scientific advancements were developed in DNA analysis, a DNA profile of the suspect, August 16, 2018 MIAMI (CBS12) — A 50-year-old man was arrested in connection to a cold case murder from 1990, Miami-Dade police said. Lucio Leon, of Hialeah, was shot and killed Mar. 2, 1990 while walking near his restaurant, "Tuyo y Mio" ...

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Ex-Lower Swatara police officer to be sentenced over drug theft from evidence locker

An audit of the evidence locker done by the Criminal Investigation Division and the department showed that four evidence envelopes had been opened, narcotics taken from inside, and the envelopes resealed. August 15, 2018 Former Lower Swatara Township police Officer Scott M. Flowers is to be sentenced in Dauphin County Court on Sept. 28, after plead...

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Thousands of baseball cards in Libertyville police possession may go to auction

Enter Headline here Enter Article DATE HERE In 17 years as an evidence custodian, Libertyville Police Officer Wayne Kincaid has seen swords, battle-axes and assorted oddities come in under his watch. "This is a police department evidence room," he said. "We've got a lot of weird stuff here." But in all that time, Kincaid says he has never seen...

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Kannapolis officer retires after 30 years

Long time IAPE Member August 6, 2018 Kannapolis Police Officer Ruth Stewart recently retired from the department after serving the residents of the city for 30 years. Stewart served as a patrol officer, DARE officer, evidence custodian and training coordinator. "Ruth has been a very valuable employee over the years and has worn many hats for our ag...

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Sikeston DPS loses evidence in murder case

The Sikeston (Missouri) Department of Public Safety has lost surveillance video evidence in a murder case. August 4, 2018 The Sikeston (Missouri) Department of Public Safety has lost surveillance video evidence in a murder case. The video was used, in part, to establish probable cause for the arrest of Antoine Harris-Applewhite in the shooting deat...

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Kirkersville police chief overdosed on drugs he allegedly took from evidence room

James Hughes Jr., who died of a fentanyl overdose may have allegedly took the drugs from the evidence room August 1, 2018 KIRKERSVILLE, Ohio — Investigation has revealed Kirkersville Police Chief James Hughes Jr., who died of a fentanyl overdose may have allegedly took the drugs from the evidence room, officials say. Reynoldsburg police said there ...

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Ohio police chief fatally overdosed on drugs taken from evidence room, investigators say

Kirkersville Police Chief James Hughes Jr. was found unresponsive in his home May 25 and pronounced dead shortly after, August 2, 2018 An Ohio police chief died from an accidental fentanyl overdose after the drugs were removed from his department's evidence room, officials said Wednesday. Kirkersville Police Chief James Hughes Jr. was found unrespo...

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Former West Point officer pleads guilty to embezzlement

Approximately $3,904 was missing from the evidence locker. July 28, 2018 By: RYAN PHILLIPSSDN EDITOR , July 28, 2018STARKVILLE, MS A former city of West Point police officer avoided a felony conviction on Friday after entering a guilty plea to taking nearly $4,000 from the evidence locker at the police departme...

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Technician stole money from evidence division, Southern Pines police say

A former Southern Pines police employee faces dozens of charges after an audit revealed money missing from the Property and Evidence Division Enter Article DATE HERE SOUTHERN PINES, N.C. (WNCN) - A former Southern Pines police employee faces dozens of charges after an audit revealed money missing from the Property and Evidence Division, offici...

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No prison for former cop who stole more than $20,000 from evidence locker, SC prosecutor says

The police department discovered the missing cash when it performed an audit of the evidence room in 2014, according to the solicitor's office. July 26, 2018 A former police officer was sentenced Thursday for stealing money from her department's evidence locker, according to a South Carolina prosecutor. Stephanie Grant Bridge stole more than $20,00...

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Sedgwick police lieutenant arrested, accused of stealing city property, officials say

He is on unpaid leave and suspended until the investigation is completed July 25, 2018 A Kansas cop was arrested and is accused of stealing city property, officials said. Lt. Brilan Marks, 26, was arrested Wednesday afternoon on suspicion of felony theft of city of Sedgwick property, a Harvey County spokesman said in a release. Marks has worked at ...

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